Maxim’s Travel chooses Travelport Trip Assist

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Maxim’s Travel chooses Travelport Trip Assist

Maxim’s Travel chooses Travelport Trip Assist

Travelport (NYSE:TVPT), a leading Travel Commerce Platform is pleased to announce a new agreement with one of Australia’s most progressive agencies, Maxim’s Travel. Through a new agency mobile tool, Travelport Trip Assist, which was launched in Asia Pacific
in July, Maxim’s Travel is now able to connect, support and engage travellers at every stage of their journey with a fully branded mobile app.

The total online travel market value in Asia Pacific (APAC) is predicted to reach $446 billion by 2020 with 76% of it coming from mobile sales. To stay competitive, travel brands need to build personalised relationships with their customers across the entire customer journey.

Travelport Trip Assist gives Maxim’s Travel the ability to provide smart itinerary management for customers, ensuring all trip changes are reflected within the app. Travellers will be able to call an agent from directly within the app and will also be able to access detailed trip segment information and real-time messaging functions such as:

  • push notifications to provide meaningful engagement;
  • flight related updates;
  • new trip alerts;
  • trip specific reminders; and
  • mapping functionality.

“We have fostered a fantastic relationship with Travelport over the past two decades and are now moving forward and expanding the boundaries with this agreement. We are excited to pioneer Travelport Trip Assist in Australia which will improve our ability to provide the right experience and information, at the right time, in order to meet the expectations of today’s mobile first travellers,” said Chris Goddard, managing director of Maxim’s Travel.

Smartphone penetration is projected to reach 81 percent and mobile travel sales are predicted to reach 45 percent of all online travel sales by 2020 in Australia.

Ailsa Brown, vice president APAC for Travelport Digital, commented, “Mobile has transformed the travel industry and is now at the heart of the whole travel experience. Travelport is thrilled to be working with Maxim’s Travel, providing them with the capabilities to deliver true traveller engagement at every step of their journey. Trip Assist will allow Maxim’s Travel to extend its brand and establish seamless and meaningful engagement with its customers.”

Maxim’s Travel’s fully branded mobile app will be available for download on both Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Source = Travelport
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