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roomsXML runs out of  “Real Rewards” as the program hits new heights

roomsXML ran out of real rewards. Literally.

“It’s a little bit embarrassing to admit, I simply didn’t take into account the volume of agents that had signed up for real rewards. Furthermore, I didn’t anticipate how much the agents had tuned into earning their awards.”

Mark Luckey, MD of roomsXML Australia, has a “good to have” problem on his hands.

“July to September is the biggest check-in quarter of our calendar. Busy time of year and I just ordered last year’s rewards vouchers +20%. Matt and I got halfway through before we realised we were seriously short by something like $6000 of vouchers.”

Not only is it a busy time of year, but the real rewards program, which transparently rewards agents in Coles Myer vouchers, redeemable at thousands of outlets, has grown in enormously in popularity.

“I felt it was really important to make the reward something tangible. We considered delivery of electronic vouchers, but there is something about having something in your hand.  Point schemes don’t do it for me as I think they can be opaque and the returns are typically hard to calculate with respect to the spend.”

Matt Patterson, the other lucky staff member who helps package the rewards explains further.

“It’s a bit of a pain in the neck packing hundreds of envelopes each quarter and having Mark lecture me about stuff at work….(laughing)…. But at the same time, it’s fun. This quarter several agencies took home over $1000 of vouchers. One Travel Manager earned in excess of $1200. That’s a months worth of groceries for a family with a few drinks thrown in right there.”

As a result, there is a slight delay in getting out this quarter’s rewards, but for the chance to earn in excess of 1.5% of check-in sales at the agency level in Coles Myer vouchers, it’s worth the wait.




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