Bucket list goals: Chomping street food


Bucket list goals: Chomping street food

Bucket list goals: Chomping street food

Gone are the days of planning travel around traditional landmark hotspots; a new research report* from Hotels.com™ has found that bucket lists are now filled with culture, soul-seeking, learning and awe-inspiring nature. And they said millennials were superficial!

But it’s who features as Bucket List co-pilot that really packs a punch. Nearly half (40 percent) want to complete their bucket list with a parent or grandparent – looking for wisdom and companionship of an awesome older relative above all else – that’s more than celebs (11 percent), siblings (28 percent) or going solo (25 percent).

Trying unique street food (33 percent), learning new languages and skills (33 percent) and exploring unknown streets (35 percent) all featured more highly than visiting the Eiffel Tower and the Great Wall of China on the Bucket List Goals. More than one in ten travelers want to try something more unusual and quirky with bucket list wishes such as meeting Santa Claus in Lapland (14 percent), learning how to Parkour (12 percent), watching a drag show (10 percent) or creating your own graffiti street art (11 percent).

Getting a selfie in a waterfall appears on more than a quarter of bucket lists (26 percent), along with getting a snap at the top of a mountain (22 percent). We’re now less inclined to check off the classic tourist spots abroad, with one in three (35 percent) preferring to explore small local towns, compared to just one in five (18 percent) who still want to add a Route 66 selfie to their Bucket List social media collection.

The top 5 off-the-beaten-path bucket list experiences around the world include:

  1. Amazing natural light show of the northern or southern lights (35 percent)
  2. Take a road trip through off-the-beaten-path towns (35 percent)
  3. Learn a language or skill abroad (33 percent)
  4. Try local street food on holiday (33 percent)
  5. Work or study abroad for a year (31 percent)

The global research report was conducted by Hotels.com to celebrate its Rewards program**, which gives members one free hotel night for every ten stayed. The report also identified the destinations travelers would most love to spend their free night, with New York (34 percent), Tokyo (24 percent), Las Vegas (23 percent), Paris (21 percent) and London (18 percent) making up the top five.

When it comes to stylish sleeps, wanderlusters dreamed of staying in a castle, an underwater hotel and a treehouse, but the The Ritz in Paris took number one spot in the top 10 bucket lists places to stay.

The top 10 bucket list places to stay:

  1. The Ritz, Paris (34 percent)
  2. A castle (31 percent)
  3. The Plaza, New York (29 percent)
  4. An underwater hotel (26 percent)
  5. Burj Al Arab Jumeriah, Dubai (24 percent)
  6. The Savoy, London (24 percent)
  7. Bellagio, Las Vegas (23 percent)
  8. A palace (23 percent)
  9. The Beverley Hills Hotel, Beverley Hills (22 percent)
  10. A treehouse hotel (22 percent)

When it comes to bucket list inspiration, the research shows a new trend in globe-trotting grandparents teaching young travelers a thing or two about making the most of life, as a fifth (18 percent) of under 30s take inspiration from the adventures of their grandparents and parents.

David Spasovic, Hotels.com Marketing Manager – Australia & New Zealand said; “This new trend of millennials looking to their out-there elders for travel inspiration is fascinating. We want to encourage everyone to start their bucket list adventures, but if you need advice make sure you check in with your glam-ma first! If you’re planning your bucket list travels, don’t forget with Hotels.com Rewards you can collect 10 hotel nights and get one free – you’ll most likely spend it scoffing the world’s greatest street food. Download the Hotels.com mobile app to choose from hundreds of thousands of bucket-list-worthy places to stay around the world and you might even find yourself staying in a treehouse!”

Badass Instagram star, Baddie Winkle, is currently showing millennials how to travel the world on her ultimate #BadAssBucketList Tour with Hotels.com. She’s taking in some of the top bucket list experiences and destinations, from rooftop cocktail making in New York, to samba dancing in Brazil and enjoying eye-popping performances at the Moulin Rouge in Paris. Follow her experience across her Instagram account and Hotels.com social channels including Instagram and Facebook.

Source = Hotels.com
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