Flight review Aer Lingus EI463 CTA-DUB economy class

Flight review Aer Lingus EI463 CTA-DUB economy class

Flight review Aer Lingus EI463 CTA-DUB economy class

Flight review Aer Lingus EI463 CTA-DUB economy class

Date: 10 October 2017

Carrier: Aer Lingus

Flight Number: EI463 dep CTA @ 21:10

Duration: 3h50m

Class: Economy Class

Aircraft: Airbus A320

Check-in experience:

There were three staffmembers at check-in desks for Aer Lingus passengers at Catania-Fontanarossa Airport and they worked quickly to make the check-in process as efficient as possible. Security was likewise swift and easy. Because Ireland is outside the Schengen Area, it was necessary to go through Immigration but that, too, was a fast formality. Boarding of the aircraft took place on the tarmac.

On-time performance:

The plane pushed back from the gate on time and arrived in Dublin on time despite having to circumnavigate France due to a French air traffic controllers’ strike.

Seat/Cabin conditions:

This A320 had a single-cabin layout with a 3-3 configuration.

Food And Beverage:

Food and drinks were available for purchase on this short, intra-European flight. As would be expected on an Aer Lingus flight, the goodnatured Irish flight attendants were full of smiles and displayed a great degree of helpfulness.


There was no entertainment system, but people who were not sleeping or reading otherwise entertained themselves left to their own devices.


Passengers disembarked from the aircraft on the tarmac in Dublin for the walk to the terminal. Almost all the passengers were Irish and European, which meant no wait at Immigration for those of us with non-EU passports. Bags were delivered surprisingly quickly. A friendly driver from Ireland Chauffeur Travel was there to meet me, assist, with bags, and make the trip to the newly renovated Shelbourne Hotel as smooth as possible.


Aer Lingus does a good job of providing high-quality service at low prices. In the crowded skies of Europe, efficiency and business done in a customer-friendly manner count for a lot, and Aer Lingus excels on all counts. The airline has a wide network across Europe and includes some unexpected destinations on the continent and beyond such as the Canary Islands, Izmir in Turkey, and several cities in North America.

Source = Mr eTraveller - Robert La Bua

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