Jucy wins role in Global Tourism Australia Campaign


Jucy wins role in Global Tourism Australia Campaign

Jucy wins role in Global Tourism Australia Campaign

A leading New Zealand travel company has landed a role in a multi-million dollar, global marketing campaign to bring more youth travellers to Australia.

Accommodation and vehicle rental brand Jucy will feature in Tourism Australia’s latest global youth campaign, targeting young international travellers and working holiday makers in key European markets including the UK, Italy, Germany and France.

Jucy CEO Tim Alpe says the company’s experience with millennial travellers, and the similarity of target market, was a key factor in Jucy’s selection by the Australian government agency.

“The Jucy brand has a high level of visibility across popular youth travel destinations throughout Australia. Around 40 percent of our campervan customers in this market come from these four European markets and almost 60 percent are aged under 30.

“Our knowledge in marketing to these travellers and working with social media influencers was an essential part of securing the contract,” says Alpe.

Jucy will supply campervans for Tourism Australia’s digital news anchors and European influencers who will travel the country creating content to be used in the campaign.

Their experience in the campervans in destinations including the Great Ocean Road, Gold Coast, Kangaroo Island, Red Centre and Tropical North Queensland, will feature in content posted across campaign channels such as Australia.com and Facebook.

He says Jucy which operates a fleet of campervans in the Australian market is experiencing a growth rate of more than 100 percent in the last two years making it one of their fastest growing markets.

“After 10 years of development, the Australian market is performing extremely well for us, in the past two years alone we have increased our fleet size by 60 percent and more than doubled the number of rental contracts to over 30,000 a year in the same time period,” he says.

Alpe says youth is a key target group for markets like Australia and this is Tourism Australia’s first major marketing campaign to reach this group in three years.

“Youth and Working Holiday Maker (WHM) travellers stay longer, spend more and disperse more widely throughout the country than most other target segments.”

Alpe says the exposure from the international campaign will provide the brand with a significant lift in profile.

“Jucy has grown to be a global brand with over 5,000 vehicles on the road as well as accommodation and cruise offerings. This campaign will be seen by millions of youth tourists from Western Europe which will help raise our profile internationally,” he says.

Alpe says the campaign will have additional benefits for New Zealand as it will bring travellers to this part of the world.

“Experience shows us that many of our Australian customers are also travelling to New Zealand, renting vehicles in both markets,” he says

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