Barge Travel Connection release first brochure

Barge Travel Connection release first brochure

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Barge Travel Connection release first brochure

Barge Travel Connection release first brochure

Barge Travel Connection is proud to announce the release of its very first brochure. Its sister brand, French Travel Connection, boasts over 20 years’ experience selling barges as part of its offering. “We have seen a strong growth in barge sales over recent years”, says Managing Director Brad McDonnell. “After numerous requests from the travel industry and independent barge operators, we are excited to offer this all-encompassing brochure for barges across Europe”.

Barge cruising is known to have an extremely high level of customer satisfaction. This is particularly exciting for travel agents since the whole experience is commissionable. The 6-night cruises are inclusive of accommodation, all meals and drinks, daily excursions, an attentive crew and local transfers.

Brochure highlights:

❖ 48 unique barges make up the brochure with individual product pages including information on capacity, location, cruise highlights, deck plan, amenities and maps.

Barge Travel Connection rating system. Every barge has been classified from Ultra Luxe to Charming according to its capacity, amenities and services.

❖ European itineraries. The brochure is ordered by country and region.

❖ Themed cruises are available for travellers looking for an extra dimension to their holiday. Based on interests (such as gastronomy), hobbies (golf) or group size (family), themed cruise options are featured at the end of the brochure.

The new brochure can be Downloaded Here

Orders are available through TIFS in Australia.

For full details and bookings, contact Barge Travel Connection on 1300 150 725, email or visit

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