Ted’s Travels – Aconcagua the highest peak in the Americas

Ted’s Travels - Aconcagua the highest peak in the Americas

Ted’s Travels – Aconcagua the highest peak in the Americas

Ted’s Travels – Aconcagua the highest peak in the Americas

Do you have a client who loves mountain climbing? Well… we have one of the highest in South America. Aconcagua, at 6962m, is the roof of not only the Andes but all of the Americas.

It’s one of the world’s highest trekking peaks and although non-technical, its extreme altitude and vicious weather pose the challenges. At 22 840 ft. Everest is about a mile higher!

The ascent can take up to 2 weeks including acclimation, of course your clients need to be in great condition and mentally determined. The expeditions starts in the beautiful city of Mendoza, located at the foot hills of the Andes and surrounded by wineries and orchards. The first night out your client will be 182km from Mendoza City, and a few kilometres from Chile at the Villa Los Penitentes, a moderate ski resort in winter at 2850m.

Around the fourth day the trek begins at the Horcones Valley at 2950m with a 3 to 4 hour walk to campsite at 3390m. For the next 10 days, your client will ascent gradually including some days at the Plaza de Mulas basecamp at 4350m until reaching Nido de Condores with 5550m and then keep going to Berlin campsite 5930m high.

If the weather allows it, by the eleventh day your client will reach the summit at 6962m. We include two extra days in case the weather is bad; however we recommend this climb for December to March, the best time to do it. Although it can be tough, with -25 degrees at night, and the high altitude that makes every gasp painful and inadequate, for a brief moment your client will feel like the highest person in the world!

We have fixed departures from Mendoza that include everything for the 18 to 20 days to Aconcagua: guide, tents, meals, transport and climbing permit for $5200 AUD per person. And after all that amazing trekking, we suggest your client reward him or herself with a nice Malbec on their way back to town. Call us today to arrange your clients next adventure!

About Ted

Ted Dziadkiewicz is Director and Founder of Contours Travel, Australia’s longest running tour operator to Latin America. He has been more than 100 times to Latin America over the past 40 years and visited over 20 countries. If you want to know more visit www.contourstravel.com.au

Aconcagua route map

Aconcagua route map


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