Le boat offers La Dolce Vita for 14 nights

Le boat offers La Dolce Vita for 14 nightsLe boat offers La Dolce Vita for 14 nights

See Venice in a different light on your very on Le Boat. The historic Venice awaits with its subtle charm on a Dolce Vita Long Break canal boat hire. Leave the busy waters of the big city behind in favour of quiet seaside villages, seabirds and sand dunes, quaint shops and osterias (café/bars). This fourteen night itinerary takes in a selection of towns and villages including the following.

Prices start at just $3,885 for fourteen nights for eight people, which is less than $50 per night per person including your accommodation, and your transport. Also included are linens, a boat handling demonstration, technical support, on board cruising information and locks. This price is for the 13.5 metre Minuetto canal bloat for October 2017. Prices vary per boat and per month.
Casale sul Sile
Casale sul Sile is an agricultural centre located on the left bank of the river Sile, with a large castle in the centre of the town, erected in the middle ages. Villas built by Venetian patricians worth a visit include Villa Cornaro-Gabbianelli (15th century), Villa Mantovani-Orsetti, Villa Canossa (17th century), Villa Bembo-Caliari (pre-17th century).

Burano is that picturesque village filled with brightly painted buildings and flowerpots where families painted their homes in bright colours to designate where their quarters ended and a neighbour’s began, as well as to make their homes more visible from the sea. Burano is a rainbow of fun, bright colours—and the perfect place for that great Venice photo-op.

San Erasmo
The Isola di Sant’Erasmo (St. Erasmus) is the largest island in the Venetian lagoon, though it’s only sparsely populated. For years this has been Venice’s countryside, the agricultural zone which produces the fruit and vegetables consumed by the hungry city. Among its produce, particularly renowned are the artichokes (carciofi). The landscape is flat, and dotted with farms and rural small-holdings. It couldn’t be more different from Venice, whose bell-towers and churches can be seen on the skyline.

Some days tourists outnumber locals by two to one, yet this stunning city never loses its capacity to enchant. Peak season in summer brings daunting crowds, but there’s a reason why they come: the sheer loveliness of an exquisite city that seems miraculously built on water.
Even though crowded, you’re never more than a bridge and an alley away from a more secluded city, full of secret campi (squares), handsome Gothic palazzi and lively neighbourhood wine bars. Venice’s churches and museums offer antique glories aplenty, but there’s also a vibrant contemporary art scene, even away from the Art Biennale.

Chioggia is a medium-sized fishing port just inside the Venetian lagoon with easy access to the Adriatic. It offers a slower, more ordinary, pace of life than Venice with the town’s morning fish-market a popular sight for locals and visitors. Chioggia fancies itself as a ‘little Venice’, but apart from one or two imposing buildings and churches, it is more like an image of what Venice might be had it never discovered the splendid riches of trade.

This year’s Giro d’Italia, the famous bicycle race, passes by the venetian Villa Mocenigo in Oriago, home to the International Centre of Studies on Tourism of the University Ca’ Foscari. It’s the first town of the Brenta Canal from Venice to Padova. Discover the villa Pisani “Malcontenta”, designed by Andrea Palladio as a summary of the Palladian Style.

The most picturesque part of Dolo is the Lower Island, wedged between the Brenta and the Naviglio River. It’s the oldest section of town, where you’ll find old stone watermills (some of them still operational), along with the Squero, the old boatyard where the burchiellos and gondolas were repaired. A burchiello was a sumptuous, cabined gondola used by the noble families, but today all river boats are referred to as burchiellos.

The Cathedral of San Rocco, which was completed in 1776, is worth a look. With its classical facade it looks like an ancient temple. It is backed by a tall, slender bell tower.

Dolo boasts lots of seafood restaurants and little cafes. There is a monthly antique market (4th Sunday of the month), a grand Carnevale celebration, and an annual artisan fair held every September.

Stra is a perfect place to take a relaxing walk along the canal as you pass by breathtaking Venetian villas before visiting the most famous Venetian villa and national monument, Villa Pisani. Originally built in 1721, each of the villa’s 168 rooms are completely painted by famous venetian artists, before rolling out onto a lush green garden, complete with monumental stables, a natural maze and vast pool. The villa was once home to one of the most influential figures in European history, Napoleon Bonaparte.
Indulge in the shining and verdant city of Padova. A paradise for history lovers, Padova offers the perfect chance to become immersed in Italy’s rich culture. Discover the San Antonio Cathedral, a monument to Saint Anthony or take a walk across the “Prato della Valle” one of the largest city squares in all of Europe, enjoying the 78 stone figures representing famous figures adorning the water canals of the square.
Visit Jesolo and indulge in some of Italy’s best shopping. Deepen your suntan and enjoy miles of sandy beaches and rows of sunbeds before traversing through the cities promenade, filled with small artisan workshops and large boutiques, on what is thought to be Europe’s longest pedestrian shopping area.

Drop anchor in San Dona and spend the day exploring this historical town, totally reconstructed after being heavily damaged in World War One.

Next make your way to Carole, a perfect place to relax and enjoy all of the delicacies of the Adriatic. Take an excursion along the waterways of Caorle’s lagoon to get a glimpse of this town’s fascinating fishing traditions.

Bibione is coined as the “sun in the heart of Europe”, lapped by pure clear Adriatic waters and soft sand. Take a relaxing walk along the shore, before enjoying the wholesome flavours at the heart of traditional Veneto cuisine at one of the cities many trattoria’s. Seaside favourites include sardines, mackerel and needlefish.

Known as one the best summer destinations in Italy, Lignano is one of Northern Italy’s main summer resorts. Enjoy a day on the beach or take a walk along the river Tagliamento, with crystal light blue water and pristine white sand, carried in from the Carnia Alps.

Treat yourself with northern Mediterranean seafood delicacies in Marano Lagunare, a quaint fishing town with flair. Marano still remains a functioning port and shipping town, during your time take a trip downtown to the regions largest fish market.

Wander through the alleyways and squares of Grado, a graceful Venetian town, flanked by cluttered fishermen’s houses before finding one of the cities restaurants or bars. Enjoy an afternoon relaxing, as you watch the fishing trawlers make their way in for the evening moored in a canal at the centre of town.
Moor in Aquileia, an ancient Roman city at the head of the Adriatic to discover ancient ruins and the city’s great Roman past.

Discover Cervignano with its historical centre, looking like a picture from a Venetian fairy-tale. Be sure to visit on a Thursday to experience the authentic market, bursting with the flavours of Italy. 
Enjoy a day in Precenicco, a small, charming, medieval town with numerous restaurants and bars.

Main activities along the way…

Walk the Bridge of Sighs
Built in 1600, The Bridge of Sighs connected the Doge’s Palace to the Prigioni where prisoners we held. More than 400 years later, the bridge has now become famous for its baroque beauty and it’s known as one of the most romantic places in Venice.

Sunbathe on the beach
Relax along the miles of golden beaches at Lignano resorts, before letting your hair down and partying at night.

Colourful Burano
Stop off in Burano and discover enchanting views among the colourful houses that line the canal banks.

Discover Villa Pisani
Stra is known for its wonderful villa, once belonging to the noble Pisani family. Visit this unique place, complete with rolling gardens and breathtaking museum.

Cross the picturesque Padova
Walk along the old winding streets of Padova and discover the impressive Basilica Saint-Antoine.

Saunter along the Isle of Lace
Murano and Burano are two cities with plenty of know how. Visit the glass works in Murano and the lace makers in Burano.
Take a walk in Marano Lagunare
Lose yourself in the old and pretty winding streets of Marano and taste the local fish in its local restaurants.
Play all day and night at Grado
Another top resort, Grado offers a spa, tennis, golf, water sports, and superb beaches.
See the art of a grand basilica
When stopping at Grado, check out the impressive Patriarchal Basilica of Aquileia and its superb mosaic!

Explore Aquileia 
This lovely Roman town near Grado features the National Archaeological Museum.
See Venice’s Treasures
Ride the Grand Canal in a gondola, savour Italian cuisine, and marvel at the beauty of San Marco Square.

Enjoy family fun at Aqualandia 
Named the best water park in Europe, Jesolo’s Aqualandia features all kinds of water rides!

Sample great Italian wines
Italy is famous for its numerous wines. During your trip, discover the Lambrusco, a sparkling red wine, and also the delightful Pinot Grigio.
Enjoy amazing seafood
Take time to discover the delicious seafood in the numerous cities that line the coast.

Discover golf in Grado
Our cruises give you access to numerous golf courses in Italy. With the Grado course being one of the largest courses at the Northern Adriatic sea.

Enjoy Italian Cuisine Cooking Class
Enjoy a fantastic culinary experience by taking a cooking class with our partner Acquolina. Two types of experiences are offered to suit all parties: Half Day Program and Full Day Program. Delivered in a charming house on Lido Island in the Venetian lagoon, the cooking lessons are the perfect way to taste Italian cuisine & way of life.

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