Skiddoo chooses Amadeus to offer travellers the cheapest fares, fast

Skiddoo and Amadeus June 2017

Skiddoo chooses Amadeus to offer travellers the cheapest fares, fast

Every second counts when it comes to shopping for travel online. Offering customers the widest range of air deals at the best possible prices, fast, is the mission of growing Australian-based online travel agency Skiddoo, and its new partnership with Amadeus delivering on that goal.

Skiddoo went live in April with Amadeus’ Master Pricer Instant Search and Special Offer solutions and it’s already seeing incremental growth as a result of making the move.

Amadeus Master Pricer is a powerful fare search platform. Its technology has sub-second response times on search requests, delivering on speed and accuracy – crucial for converting online ‘lookers’ into ‘bookers’. It also gives Skiddoo the ability to target customers with special offers, so they can sell more profitable content and run more effective promotional campaigns all while making the customer experience fast and easy.

“We were looking for an IT provider who could support our strategic plans,” commented Skiddoo’s chief executive officer, Mirza Juddani of the company’s decision to find a new technology provider. “We are growing, and plan to expand further into Asia, so we needed a technology partner who could support that growth and had a strong footprint in the Asian market. The Amadeus team really understood our business, and the market-leading technology can keep us ahead of our competitors and deliver the content we need to be successful.”

While partnership was important to the Skiddoo team, they also undertook an exhaustive selection process to assess what technology provider could best meet its needs, as well as those of its customers. Business efficiency improvements and a clear return on investment for Skiddoo’s shareholders were also priorities. The assessment saw Amadeus’ superior fare search technology and strong airline relationships come out on top as key differentiators.

“Amadeus delivers all the functionality and efficiency we need, while giving our customers the best online travel shopping experience possible,” said Mirza. “Master Pricer is fast and reliable, and gives our customers more choice in an easy-to-use solution, driving better conversion rates. We also have less errors due to superior connectivity and our developers find Amadeus technology really easy to work with, which makes them a more productive team. Making the move was definitely the right choice for our business.”

Amadeus IT Pacific’s General Manager Australia, Justin Montgomery said, “It’s exciting to work with a dynamic, growing company like Skiddoo. Mirza and his team are innovative in the way they use our technology and integrate it with their own systems. We already have some interesting new projects in the pipeline and look forward to working together to further expand and grow Skiddoo’s business.”

Source = Amadeus
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