Cyclone Debbie Statement from Daydream Island

daydream island resortCyclone Debbie Statement from Daydream Island

Daydream Island Resort and Spa has along with surrounding areas borne the brunt of Cyclone Debbie today.

Conditions were extreme with heavy rainfall and strong wind gusts causing damage to the resort and surrounds.

Every guest has been accounted for and are safe as are all our staff.

We pay particular thanks to our staff for making guests as safe and comfortable as possible under very difficult circumstances and to our guests for being very cooperative.

Whilst conditions are still dangerous outside we aren’t able to ascertain the full extent of damage, however we can initially advise the following has occurred:

Extensive damage to vegetation across the island with many uprooted trees;
Significant damage to the resort’s jetty and pontoons;
The Rejuvenation Spa roof has been lifted with the premises suffering water damage;
General water damage to the Main Atrium and accommodation wings from the force of the driving rain;
A boardwalk section has lifted away;
Two of the three iconic Mermaid statues have been swept away.

The resort’s priority is the ongoing safety of on-island guests and staff who will need to be taken off island as soon as practical.

Daydream Island is endeavouring to contact all guests arriving on Daydream in the near future.

The resort urges all guests due to arrive on Daydream Island up until this Friday 31st March to contact our reservations team on 1800 075 040 or by email to get the latest update on their booking.

We would like to thank the many well-wishers who have passed on their support and we wish the entire community the best as the recovery process soon begins.

Further updates on Daydream Island will be made as soon as possible.

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