Fast, Sleek, Simple – the new search is here

Excite 15 to 26 Mar 17

Fast, Sleek, Simple – the new search is here

Fast, Sleek, Simple – the new search is here

Your life is about to get easier and your workload more efficient – are you ready?

With just one bar for all your search needs, you can now search by hotel name, location or place of interest. The improved filtering allows you to refine your search and make it as detailed as you please. Another bonus? Results are updated in real time, so there is no need to hit the search button more than once!

The Excite Holidays team have been working tirelessly to make the new search bar convenient and easy to use, whilst delivering the results you want quickly and concisely. Not only is the search bar more efficient, but it looks better than ever.

With searching a huge part of an agent’s life, Excite Holidays now caters to your every search bar need.

Visit to see it in action and experience the magic for yourself!

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