Six Senses Residences Fiji – A world leader in sustainable luxury

Six Senses Residences FijiSix Senses Residences Fiji – A world leader in sustainable luxury

Six Senses Residences is delighted to announce the groundbreaking sustainability initiatives being implemented for the upcoming opening of its luxury development in Fiji, due to open late 2017, set on the stunning Malolo Island coastline.

When it comes to environmental impact, a huge issue for new developments to consider, Six Senses Residences in Fiji – under the ownership of the Vunabaka company – is leading the way, with protection and preservation of the island a top priority. In line with group’s signature synergy of simple design with beautifully spacious accommodation and uncompromising quality and service, Six Senses has invested significantly in ensuring environmental sensitivity is at the forefront of the new Residences.

Both the resort and residences will be 100% solar powered and the largest off grid solar PV for the whole of the South Pacific. The state-of-the-art micro grid is the first in the world to use Tesla industrial Powerpack batteries, housing a total of 20.

Other sustainability initiatives include:
• An organic wastewater system
• Tree reforestation on site to offset wood used in construction
• Coral reforestation to promote sea life and enhance the local marine environment
• Indigenous rainforest protection and landscaping extensively with indigenous plant species
• Promotion of ecological biodiversity
• A large-scale greenhouse as well as garden areas on-site to grow its own fruits and vegetables
• Soil erosion prevention
• Creation of windbreaks
• All LED lights to ensure the highest levels in LED efficiency

In a first for the group, Six Senses Residences Fiji seamlessly mixes residential opportunities alongside the upcoming Six Senses Resort and Spa in this small archipelago. With Fiji being a first in terms of location for the Six Senses group, it is an opportunity for residents and guests to enjoy the wonderful tropical island culture of the South Pacific country in true Six Senses style.

The architect of the Residences, New Zealander Richard Priest, was inspired by the location’s abundance of natural elements and the architecture of the South Pacific to create a contemporary island masterpiece that achieves low environmental impact. In fact, Six Senses Residences is a world leader in the growing field of sustainable and responsible eco-tourism.

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One thought on “Six Senses Residences Fiji – A world leader in sustainable luxury

  1. In the construction of the resort, they blew the top off a mountain with dynamite, ripped out thousands of trees & mangroves, and then scraped the top off of the fringing reef destroying critical, local eco-systems. Can Six Senses really call themselves world leaders in sustainable luxury? Interesting.

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