A romantic encounter with Star Clippers

Star ClippersA romantic encounter with Star Clippers

The graceful tall ships in the Star Clippers’ fleet provide an exceptionally romantic setting for lovers, for a honeymoon, marriage blessing, anniversary or other romantic voyage. Sailing in and out of the world’s most beautiful destinations in an atmosphere of casual elegance, a cruise on one of the three Star Clippers ships is akin to having a fully staffed private yacht.

Lay arm in arm on a deck-top sunbed, lie side by side in the bowsprit net with the waves skimming below, or spot dolphins together at dawn from the decks of a magnificent tall ship in full-sail. Make footprints on white sand beaches, snorkel the clear Caribbean waters and drop anchor in small bays and harbours.

Here are the top romantic moments on board a Star Clippers’ tall ship:

Star-gazing on a sun-warmed deck

Every spring and autumn, Star Clippers’ three ships reposition between their summer and winter cruising areas on long, leisurely voyages across the Atlantic. There’s no better place for star-gazing, away from light pollution, in the centre of the ocean; lying together hand in hand on sun loungers on the darkened deck and gazing up at the millions of stars scattered across an inky-black sky.

Atlantic Ocean Westbound Crossing – aboard Royal Clipper
16 nights from Lisbon to Barbados Departs 23 Nov 2017
(Cruise only, includes an early booking discount of 30%, all meals, taxes and gratuities)

Make footprints on a Robinson Crusoe island

For the first time Star Clippers sail Indonesian waters in 2017 and the four-masted Star Clipper will voyage under thousands of feet of billowing sails sailing between lush, culturally unique and exotic port calls and drop anchor close to coconut-white coves that typify Indonesia’s thousands of islands, mirroring a Robinson Crusoe adventure. Make footprints on virgin white sand beaches when the ship calls into tiny jungle-and-sand islands, haloed by crystal clear turquoise sea.

Indonesia Discovery aboard Star Clipper
7 nights from Bali Roundtrip 
Departs weekly between May and October 2017
(Cruise only, includes an early booking discount of 20%, all meals and port taxes)

Desert island kisses

The deserted islands of the white sand-fringed Tobago Cays in the Grenadines are strictly off limits to larger ships but easily accessible for a graceful clipper. Coconut palms arch over white, sandy beaches, lapped by the turquoise sea, the ideal setting for gathering shells together, or slip away to an even more deserted beach to be alone on this idyllic desert island setting.

Grenadine Islands aboard Royal Clipper
7 nights from Barbados Roundtrip 
Departs between December 2017 and March 2018
(Cruise only, includes an early booking discount of 35% (economy season), all meals and port taxes)

Loving it in Venice

The world’s most beautiful port to sail into or away from is Venice. Stand arm in arm on the decks as the ship glides slowly along the Giudecca Canal, lined with majestic old palaces and churches. Wander hand in hand along the silent canals of the old city, find a shady square for an al fresco lunch a deux, take a gondola ride to see the city from the water while being serenaded by a gondolier.

Venice and Dalmatian coast aboard Star Flyer
7 nights from Venice Roundtrip Departs on 16, 23, 30 Sep 2017
(Cruise only, includes an early booking discount of 20%, all meals and port taxes)

Champagne and fireworks

Sip champagne on the upper decks of a magnificent tall ship while watching one of the world’s most spectacular natural phenomena, the frequent volcanic eruptions of Italy’s `Stromboli’, during a late evening sail-past. Stromboli sends a shower of fire and molten debris up into the air approximately every ten minutes and has been in continuous eruption for 2,000 years

7 nights from Rome Roundtrip
Departs on 10 June, 22 July, 2 & 9 Sep 2017
(Cruise only, includes an early booking discount of 20%, all meals and port taxes)

Embrace La Dolce Vita

Wander through the narrow streets of Portofino, a former fishing village on Italy’s north west coast and now one of the most fashionable – and romantic —towns on the Italian Riviera. Cool down with a limoncello granita in a pretty café on the waterfront, or climb a wooded trail together to reach San Giorgio church overlooking the town for breathtaking views.

French Riviera, Corsica and Italy aboard Royal Clipper
7 nights from Cannes Roundtrip 
Departs on 13 May, 23 September, 7 October 2017
(Cruise only, includes an early booking discount of 20%, all meals and port taxes)

Love the Cuban rhythms

Discover the Caribbean at its purest at seductive Cayo Largo in Cuba, a beach made for lovers, with powdery sand, palm trees gentle dunes and warm, azure water, visited for a day on Star Clippers’ Cuba sailings. The rhythm of the rest of the week’s sailing between Havana and Cienfuegos is one of samba, salsa, stunning beaches, eclectic cities and fascinating culture.

The Best of Cuba and the Cayman Islands – aboard Star Flyer
10 nights from Havana to Cienfuegos 
Departs 17 January 2018
(Cruise only, includes an early booking discount of 25%, all meals and port taxes)

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