1 Hotels announces Biet Simkin as in-house Meditation Leader

Biet Simkin1 Hotels announces Biet Simkin as in-house Meditation Leader

1 Hotels has appointed Biet Simkin as their in-house meditation leader. Renowned for her modern take on mindfulness, Simkin has established herself as a serious player not only within New York spiritual communities but also with forward thinking brands such as MoMA, Lululemon, SoulCycle, Sundance Film Festival and Wanderlust.  With meditation tips that are applicable in the big city as well as a mountain top in India, Simkin’s signature style is mentoring urban junkies to meditate on the subway, between meetings, or whenever they can create a moment of calm.

To kick off 2017 with meaningful intentions, Biet has shared her 5 Tips geared toward being the best version of yourself in this New Year, which I have shared below. I would love to discuss how we can include these tips in any “New Year, New You” stories and other wellness round-ups.

5 Tips: New Year New You! Guided By Biet

1. Give It Up: If you have been hearing a little voice saying “give that up” it’s likely you have been hearing it for years. Now is the time to listen and actually give it up! Give up one thing this year that is no longer serving you. For each thing we hold on to, we hold ourselves away from potential abundance.

2. Be Present: To say that the present moment is the holy grail of existence is not an understatement! The remedy to being present can be found in meditation. Meditation forces you into a dance with presence for a short time, just 15-30 minutes daily! This small break in our “go go go” world has effects that spread out into the day and create long lasting patterns on the path to presence.

3. Say Thanks: Gratitude is a verb! Daily gratitude lists help invigorate the spirit and the soul. You won’t know how lucky you are unless you get it out on paper daily. Make this a group activity by creating a gratitude email chain where you and a group of friends all share gratitude daily. Commit to saying thanks for at least 10 things each day.

4. Bid Envy Farewell: Say goodbye to envy, say hello to the real you! When we envy others, we cannot see our true capacity. Behind our envy hides everything that we came here to achieve and pursue. Choose self-love over envy every time it hits you.

5. Seek Awareness: Stop being cloudy – choose to be aware of what’s going on around you. People think if they are vague about how much money they spend, how much they weigh and how much they drink, that it makes it all go away! I’ve found that the opposite is true. If you know your actual weight, you can lose more easily. If you know how much money you make and spend, you give yourself the room to make more! It’s all about awareness. The goal is not to beat yourself up, but to know what’s up to be the best version of yourself.

Biet joins 1 Hotels with an extensive background in leading meditation and spiritually immersive exercises. As founder of Center of the Cyclone, an immersive experience that weaves meditation, self-inquiry, art, music and fashion, Biet’s platform is based upon fueling these worlds with a much-needed dose of spirituality. Biet’s meditation exercises take participants through an emotional journey to reach a place of calm and joy.

Biet will provide guests with a more mindful experience via immersive events on property and in-room meditation guides that will be streamed via in room iPads and TVs. I would be happy to connect you with Biet directly to discuss more tips for creating and committing to your intentions for 2017 and beyond.

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