Gate 7 backing “Project Karma”

Gate 7 gets behind Project Karma for the second year running

Anti child exploitation charity, Project Karma, are excited to announce a second year of sponsorship from Sydney travel and tourism marketing agency, Gate 7.

The donation from Gate 7 was announced following a presentation by CEO, Glen Hulley, on Project Karma utilisation soof Gate 7’s Support throughout 2015.



Glen says “It was a big year, consolidatings relationship with law enforcement agencies, refining our sustainable “Sentinel” model and convicting known Australian pedophiles in both Thailand and Bali.

“The funds from Gate 7 enabled us to have a presence on the ground in Bali, support local law enforcement agencies, build a case against Robert Ellis,  and ultimately, see him go to Kerokoban for 15 years.

“There was great joy in saving kids from the torture this man was inflicting. I don’t see his imprisonment, I see that a donation from an Australian Travel company directly helped save a stack of kids. That’s what Project Karma is all about. We can’t do this without companies like Gate 7.” A number of other travel companies, including Travel Managers, have also given support.

The 2016 Gate 7 funding will go towards consolidating Project Karma’s presence in Bali and Cebu. As well as being tourist locations, they are leading hotspots for child trafficking, prostitution and exploitation.

Glen says “No one has ever tried to implement this model with local law enforcement agencies like this . We are attacking the root causes, clamping and exposing supply chains. But it’s not a product, but children that are being traded. Our model will be the game changer in tackling the issues of local and foreign offenders.

Glen is humble when it comes to his own sacrifices over the past three, challenging years. His tough, tattooed exterior, “ockerish” voice and intensity belies his belief in the cause. His personal sacrifices include his house and a wage for the past three years. Whilst he is out on the Crusades, landlords are knocking at his door for rent. Money is tight.

The  irony is that whilst he is helping kids across Asia, he is missing out on time with his own two boys. Is there a greater sacrifice?

Whilst the donation from Gate 7 is phenomenally generous, these operations cost a lot to run.  Project Karma has proven it works but needs to raise its profile to scale up the support it can offer and kids that can be saved. This will take a step forward when Glen meets with Senator Derryn Hinch early 2017 with the aim to lobby Julia Bishop for legislation stating passports of registered sex offenders will be revoked.

The political process is slow. Project Karma has critical momentum which must be maintained.

To support Project Karma, please visit  and make a donation.

If you donate $20 before Christmas day and send the receipt to roomsXML, they will match your donation.

Together, with  Gate 7, our donation will help free a child.

About Gate7

Gate 7 is a multi-award-winning marketing agency specialising in travel and tourism representation Down Under. Based in Sydney, with a territory spanning Australia and New Zealand, Gate 7 delivers exceptional sales, marketing and public relations results to its A-list tourism client portfolio.

The focus of Project Karma is to disrupt the Organised Crime networks that create and supply a market of children for sexual exploitation.

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