Uncover the Art Cities of Italy with Tempo Holidays


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Uncover the Art Cities of Italy with Tempo Holidays

Italy is renowned for its wealth of breathtaking art and stunning historical architecture but with so much on offer travellers are often left wondering where to begin planning their dream European journey.

When it comes to art and art history, Italy boasts an incredible array of breathtaking sights to behold, with its cities each displaying a prominent historical era and major artistic movement.

Damian Perry, CEO of Cox and Kings Australia and the specialist operator Tempo Holidays, says due to the sheer volume of art cities and sights to see in Italy travellers, especially those tight on time, often like a little assistance when selecting where to visit to ensure their dream journey doesn’t turn out to be a monumental disappointment.

“Italy plays host to so much art and history to uncover that it can become overwhelming for the individual. Perry said. “Add on time constraints, and it becomes even harder”.

Tempo Holidays, Australia’s most respected specialist travel wholesalers, has been in the business of providing individuals with their dream holiday for over 25 years.

“This is where our team of dedicated destination specialists can help” said Perry. “They know their destinations, love them and want you to explore them. Our travellers will always be guaranteed to visit the iconic sites. However, the memorable moments are all about the less known and more intimate venues, locations and local interactions that make the trip unique”.

When it comes to being transported back in time, Rome provides artistic and architectural grandeur at every turn to the discerning traveller.

Packed with wonderful piazzas, grandiose architecture and ancient ruins Rome is an eternal city of historical treasures. Undoubtedly the most acclaimed tourist destinations are the Colosseum, Rome’s iconic gladiatorial battleground, and the 16th century Vatican museum.

Visit these iconic sights with Tempo Holidays ‘Taste of Rome’ 4 day sightseeing package.

The epicentre of the Italian Renaissance, Florence is an art lover’s dream. Home to world famous museums and galleries, the stunning Duomo, historic palaces and the iconic Ponte Vecchio, the city of romance should be at the top of your list for art cities, states Perry.

“Florence is incredible. Spend the day aimlessly wondering the streets and you will instantly fall in love with this charming city like I did. The best time to visit is from spring to autumn, but winter has the added bonus of fewer crowds” he said.

Of similar beauty is one of the world’s most iconic cities and work of art itself, Venice. This stunning part of the world consists of 117 islands that are linked by 400 bridges with canals, grand palaces, gondola rides and magnificent museums contributing to its charm.

According to Perry to really experience the heart and soul of Venice you have to get lost first before you can find it. You can always find your way back to somewhere recognisable or ask the friendly locals but by exploring the many narrow alleys, canals and bridges of areas such as Santa Croce away from the crowds is truly unforgettable.

Experience the beauty of the legendary cities of Rome, Florence and Venice on board Tempo Holidays 8 Day ‘Bella Italia’ coach tour.

For an experience out of the ordinary immerse yourself in Bologna, a fascinating medieval city located in the Emilia-Romanga region or visit the internationally renowned home of fashion and design, Milan.

Tempo Holidays offer a range of packages in Italy and are always happy to tailor make itineraries to accommodate the individual needs of their travellers. Call your destination specialist for more information and travel tips.

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