MSC Cruises to feature new ports in 2017

MSC Cruises to feature new ports in 2017

MSC Cruises to feature new ports in 2017

MSC Cruises to feature new ports in 2017

Starting in April 2017, MSC Cruises will add inspiring new destinations to its itineraries. Exotic must-see locations will include Sarande, Kingstown and Riga.

Bookings are available now for exciting new locations.

A call at Sarande, on the East Mediterranean, will feature on the MSC Poesia itineraries from 9th April 2017 to 28th October 2017. Sarande is a major port and resort town at the southernmost point of Albania, on the coast opposite Corfu.

Situated on one of the most beautiful stretches of Albania’s coastline, Sarande is the latest must-see Mediterranean destination on the MSC Poesia. The gorgeous beach and wonderful blue sea are only the start of its attractions. Despite being one of the most modern cities in the region, it boasts a wealth of historic gems for visitors to explore, as well as sites of outstanding natural beauty.

Butrint, a UNESCO World Heritage site, is situated close to Sarande. The current archaeological site includes an impressive Roman amphitheater, a Byzantine Basilica, a Roman temple with mosaic floor, a carved lion’s gate and numerous constructions built throughout history.

Prices for the MSC Poesia 7 night cruises at Sarande start from AUD$879 per person NZD$969 *Based on departing Venice on 22 and 29 April 2017.

Visits to La Romana are replaced with a call at Kingstown, the capital of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, on the MSC Fantasia. Journeys on these Southern Caribbean itineraries will be from 25th November 2017 to 7th April 2018. St. Vincent is part of the Windward Islands, in the eastern Caribbean. It is home to tropical valleys and mountains, hummingbird and hibiscus.

The capital of Kingstown offers the animated fruit, vegetable and fish markets, dramatic coastal views from historic Fort Charlotte, and the luxuriant Botanical Gardens (oldest in the Americas).

Nearby Soufriere features a volcano and the 60ft waterfall of Baleine. Scenic drives lead travelers through the verdant Mesopotamia Valley, to the Montreal Gardens full of tropical flowers.

Prices for MSC Fantasia at Kingstown, 7 night cruises, from AUD$989 per person NZD$1089 *Based on departing Fort de France on 25th November 2017.

One day at sea is replaced with Riga, Latvia, on the MSC Magnifica. Journeys will be from 13th May 2017 and 24th May 2017.

Situated at the mouth of the River Daugava, Riga is Latvia’s capital and largest city. It is an industrial, commercial, cultural and financial centre. The city includes a historical centre, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Prices for the Riga MSC Magnifica, 11 night cruise, start from AUD$2049 per person NZD$2269 *Based on departing Copenhagen 12th May 2017.

All new MSC Cruises destinations offer scenic getaways and fascinating attractions.

Further information about Sarande is available HERE

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MSC Cruises, part of the MSC Group is the Swiss-based, world’s largest privately-owned cruise line and brand market leader in Europe, South America and South Africa, sailing year-round in the Mediterranean, Caribbean and Cuba. Seasonal itineraries cover Northern Europe, West Indies, South America, South Africa and Arabian Peninsula.

The MSC Cruise experience embodies the elegant side of the Mediterranean to create unique and unforgettable emotions for guests, through discovery of the world’s cultures, beauties and tastes. Its fleet comprises 12 of the most modern ships at sea: MSC Preziosa; MSC Divina; MSC Splendida; MSC Fantasia; MSC Magnifica; MSC Poesia; MSC Orchestra; MSC Musica; MSC Sinfonia; MSC Armonia; MSC Opera and MSC Lirica.

In 2014, MSC Cruises launched an investment plan to support the second phase of its growth through the order of two ships of the Meraviglia generation and two others of the Seaside generation (plus an option for a third) and in February 2016, confirmed the existing options to build a further two Meraviglia Plus ships with an even greater capacity. In April 2016 this rose to €9 billion with the announcement of signing of the letter of intent to build a further four ships, each with next-generation LNG propulsion technology. Consequently, between 2017 and 2026 a total of up to 11 new, next-generation MSC Cruises ships will come into service. MSC Cruises is the first global cruise line brand to develop an investment plan of this length and magnitude, spanning a horizon of over ten years, from 2014 through 2026.

MSC Cruises feels a deep responsibility for the environments in which it operates, and was the first company ever to earn the Bureau Veritas “7 Golden Pearls” for superior management and environmental stewardship. In 2009, MSC Cruises began an enduring partnership with UNICEF to support various programmes assisting children worldwide. So far, more than €5m has been collected in voluntary guest donations.

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