Solomon Airlines announces planned maintenance for Dash 8

Solomon Airlines

Solomon Airlines

Solomon Airlines announces planned maintenance for Dash 8

Solomon Airlines has advised today its Dash 8 aircraft will be temporarily out of service at the completion of its scheduled flights from today (Sunday 06 November) until Friday, 11 November as part of a scheduled engine maintenance program.

The national carrier’s Acting CEO and General Manager Commercial & Operations, Gus Kraus said the maintenance program is required for the aircraft due to some components being near expiry therefore we have engaged maintenance provider, Vector Engineering, who specialises in Dash8 to assist the airline’s own engineers with this maintenance exercise.

This will require removal of one of the engines from the aircraft and splitting the engine to remove the said components and exchanging for new parts and has been scheduled and planned accordingly.

“This will take a few days considering the nature of the task but as this is a planned event, we hope to have the engine in readiness for final approval as soon as possible and a return to flying duties by Friday 11th November 2016,” Mr Kraus said.

He further reiterated that “Scheduled maintenance of our aircraft is a regular occurrence depending on hours flown or specific time related events and is part of a stringent safety culture paramount to Solomon Airlines and one which benefits our travelling public.”

In the meantime Mr Kraus advised that the Dash 8 schedule will be operated by Twin Otters and Islander aircraft.

“We apologise to anyone who may be inconvenienced by this situation but wish to reiterate that in general, we believe this was the most expedient way to address this issue and we trust our clients will appreciate the nature of the task which is a matter of compliance.” he said.

Mr Kraus encouraged the travelling public to keep in touch with Solomon Airlines via the airline’s 177 dedicated toll free number or any of our sales offices and/or on 20152 or 20031 for further updates as to any updates.

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Source = Mike Parker-Brown, Solomon Airlines PR
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