Strengthening Wendy Wu trade partnerships

wendy-wu-toursStrengthening Wendy Wu trade partnerships

Leading Asia specialist, Wendy Wu Tours, has confirmed a renewed agreement with the highly reputable TravelManagers Australia, as preferred supplier to Asia.

Wendy Wu Tours general manager, Andrew Mulholland, said “with TravelManagers’ impressive network of more than 490 Personal Travel Managers nationwide and their extensive expertise, we look forward to exceptional growth for both parties”.

He added, “Wendy Wu Tours is committed to driving continuous growth for TravelManagers and I am confident that our renewed partnership will benefit the customers of TravelManagers. We are excited to have TravelManagers as part of the Wendy Wu family”.

TravelManagers General Manager, Michael Gazal, commented that the company is looking forward to the future through its partnering with such an established operator, offering an intense expertise in the Asia holiday market.


Source = Wendy Wu Tours - TravelManagers Australia

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