18 new Nat Geo journeys trips


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18 new Nat Geo journeys trips

National Geographic Expeditions and G Adventures have unveiled 18 new trips for 2017 as part of the National Geographic Journeys with G Adventures lineup, including tours through the storied landscapes of Namibia, Japan, France and Canada, plus several U.S.-based tours into America’s historic cities and national parks. The new itineraries will boost the number of tours in the National Geographic Journeys with G Adventures collection to 83.

Launched in January 2016, the Journeys collection offers hands-on exploration and meaningful interactions with people and places at an accessible price point. “The success of this product in its premiere year has far surpassed our hopes, attracting thousands of new bookings, and rave post-trip reviews from our travellers,” said Jeff Russill, G Adventures’ Vice President of Product. “It shows us that travellers want experiences that enrich their minds, hearts and spirits.”

With an emphasis on discovery, storytelling, local immersion and social good, all Journeys tours offer unforgettable experiences to travellers who appreciate having free time and flexibility, but value the structure and security that come with group travel. Each trip is led by a knowledgeable local guide known as a Chief Experience Officer (CEO), and is filled with opportunities to connect with local cultures. Travellers also visit various projects and initiatives associated with G Adventures or National Geographic that help improve local livelihoods and protect the natural or cultural heritage.

“Over the past year, we’ve been thrilled to see how this new line of trips has resonated with all kinds of travellers, in particular younger travellers seeking an authentic way to connect with another part of the world,” said Lynn Cutter, Executive Vice President of National Geographic Travel. “Our newest itineraries help round out our offerings with a suite of national parks tours in North America and safaris in Africa. They each offer fun, immersive experiences that appeal to a wide range of travellers—from nature lovers to history buffs—and support the local communities.”

The 18 new National Geographic Journeys with G Adventures trips for 2017 are available for sale October 3, 2016, with departures beginning in April 2017.

The new trips include:

Wonders of Namibia (10 days ) – Visit the global field research and education facility at the Cheetah Conservation Fund, an organisation supported by National Geographic Big Cats Initiative. After a lecture by a researcher, go on a wildlife viewing drive to see cheetahs up close in their natural habitat. Set out on safari in Etosha National Park and then explore Mondesa Township with a resident guide, followed by dinner and local entertainment in a family home.

Paris & Normandy Highlights (8 Days ) – Visit the Paris studio of National Geographic photographer and explorer Reza, renowned for his work covering human conflict, and take a behind-the-scenes tour with one of his assistants. Breathe in the beauty of Claude Monet’s garden, which National Geographic named one of the 10 most magnificent gardens in the world. Then in the Norman town of Bayeux, meet a recognised war historian for a lecture about the Allied invasion, before boarding an original WWII transport to pay tribute at the British War Cemetery.

Alaska Journey (10 days ) – Discover the raw beauty of Alaska while exploring awe-inspiring coastlines and watch for wildlife like orcas, grizzly bears, caribou and moose. Take a behind-the-scenes tour of the renowned Alaska SeaLife Center, a marine research facility that has collaborated with National Geographic on numerous projects, then set out by ship to explore the Kenai Fjords and look for glaciers, seabirds, puffins, sea lions and whales. Meet with an expert from the Denali Education Center to learn about the natural history of the park and National Geographic’s legacy of research here.

Iconic Japan (12 days ) – Walk through Tokyo’s famous Tsukiji Fish Market, the largest in the world, with local insiders who know its ins and outs. Take a sushi-making class with recognised masters, learning how to select, prepare and fillet ingredients. Visit a local temple to delve into the history and practice of Zen Buddhism in Japan and try out the art of Zen calligraphy. Then stop by a traditional dojo to gain an understanding of kembu, an ancient martial art form that honors samurai culture.

Canadian Polar Bear Experience (6 days ) – Head out on a full-day excursion in search of polar bears, then attend a private cocktail reception with representatives from Polar Bears International, a conservation group dedicated to saving habitat for these iconic animals. Visit the Parks Canada Visitor Centre at the Heritage Railway Station for a lecture about the area, and explore the unmatched collection of Inuit art and artifacts at the Eskimo Museum. Hear from a Churchill resident about what life is like in this isolated northern Canadian town.

Historic American Cities by Rail (8 days ) – Step back in time along the American Eastern Seaboard on a tour by rail. Stroll the cobblestoned streets of colonial Boston’s Freedom Trail with a local history expert. Set out on a photo walk with a locally renowned photographer in New York City’s Bushwick neighborhood. Visit important sites of the American Revolution in Philadelphia, including the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall. Go inside the stately headquarters of the National Geographic Society, near the White House, and find out how the iconic magazine and its beautiful imagery are produced.

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