Conference World Connect 2016

APG World Connect

APG World Connect

Conference World Connect 2016

APG Network offers a wide variety of Airline dedicated Services to the Worldwide Airline community, and serves today more than 200 Airlines all over the World!

All the services offered by APG are aiming to optimize the airlines Distribution strategy.

The APG World Connect Conference has been recognized as one of the “top 5” worldwide air transport sales and distribution conferences.
After the success of the previous meetings in Jordan 2009, Monaco 2010, Singapore 2011, Monaco 2012, Washington 2013, Monaco 2014, Marrakech 2015, we are back this year in Monaco for this 8th edition.

During the 2 day Conference, we will debate on:

“Between Mass Transport & High Contribution: where to land?”

APG invites top airline executives and top worldwide travel agents to the great social, informative and renowned event called APG World Connect, where strategic and commercial executives will be able to swap their experiences in order to create more value.

This year in Monaco we will welcome over 450 attendees from 90 different countries, including 120 C-level executives (CEOs, Airlines Presidents, CFO…) of Airlines & Travel Agencies, airport Authorities and other major Tourism organisations. Participants invited to this event are decision makers in Sales and Distribution sectors from our industry.



Source = APG - The network for airline services

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