Pacific World creates best practice advice on risk management

Pacific World receives AIMIA 2016 Passion for Excellence Award

Pacific World creates best practice advice on risk management

Pacific World creates best practice advice on risk management

Pacific World, the leading Global DMC and Event Management company has addressed the issue of safety, security and risk management with content and advice to the industry on its website at

Announcing the online advice, Selena Chavry, Global Managing Director of Pacific World said: “In these times of uncertainty, with an increasing number of incidents occurring globally, risk management has emerged as one of the key priorities when planning for an event. Safety is a big issue for all organisations from event planners, to meeting venues and conference centres to hotels, indeed any event venue. Most have developed an internal risk management plan but as the list of threats to the industry continues to grow, there is a need to ensure that these processes are transparent, consistent and up-to-date. “

“In order to address all of the issues, we need to ensure every part of our best practice is covered and that includes all of the tricky questions too, all of it is relevant to events any size.” added Chavry.

1) Planning for safety at large-scale events
What does it take to create a safety and security plan for events of 50,000 delegates? How to incorporate an incident plan for events while on the move? What are the considerations when planning communication channels for delegates when they are offsite?

2) Is the industry equipped to handle a crisis?
When a crisis hits, even with the best planning things can take a turn for the unknown. Laying the proper groundwork that includes establishing clear roles, training, building relationships with the authorities and maintaining a relevant risk management plan will help to build confidence when the situation may seem out of control.

3) How to work effectively with local authorities for first-hand information
Results from a recent global Destination Index identified Thailand as one of the top destinations in Asia despite the nation having its share of incidents over the years. How quickly tourism can rebound each time is a testament to the crisis resolution abilities of the local authorities but meeting and event planners need to have the expertise to make the decision if an event should go on or to fall back on the contingency plans.

About Pacific World
Founded in 1980 in Hong Kong, Pacific World is a dedicated destination and event management company operating in 36 countries and over 100 destinations in Asia, Europe, Middle East, Africa and South America.

Pacific World and North America leader ACCESS Destination Services have formed a strategic alliance in March 2014, offering access to 80 destinations around the world to agencies, corporates and associations.

Pacific World is part of Hotelbeds Group.

Founded in 1969, ACCESS sets the standard for excellence in award-winning destination management services and event production throughout North America and the world. Through a global alliance with Pacific World, ACCESS serves over 100 destinations throughout 30 countries. With global reach and local expertise, ACCESS meets client objectives and exceeds expectations for corporate, incentive and association groups.

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