Leading blogger becomes digital nomad on world cruise

Jo Castro - Lifestyle Fifty

Jo Castro – Lifestyle Fifty

Leading blogger becomes digital nomad on world cruise

Leading over-50s lifestyle blogger and first-time cruiser  has become a digital nautical nomad – tweeting, blogging and instagramming her way around the world with Princess Cruises.

Now on the home straight of her 28,000 mile Sea Princess voyage, Jo has spent the past 12 weeks documenting the world cruise experience in more than 40 blog posts, as well as 328 tweets, 256 Facebook posts and 86 Instagram images.

Jo, who had never sailed on a cruise ship prior to Sea Princess’ departure from Sydney on May 15, said taking a world voyage as her maiden cruise – and blogging throughout – had been daunting initially.

Joined on the cruise by husband Dave, Jo said the pair had asked themselves some tough questions before deciding to jump onboard a full world cruise.

“We really had to ask ourselves some searching questions – what reasons are there for leaving kith and kin and a daily routine to up and off on a world cruise for 104-nights? And, why not just do a two-week cruise?” she said.

“Yet, this whole experience has been extraordinary and has reinvigorated our love of travel, living life to the full and we’ve been able to experience some spectacular destinations and cultures along the way.”

Jo also said while she and Dave had always discussed taking a cruise holiday, many seasoned cruisers they had spoken to had been surprised they agreed to a world cruise as their maiden voyage.

“To which we replied … ‘But why not a world cruise?’ And our kids encouraged us to do this saying YOLO! (you only live once),” she said.

“What is interesting, is that our adult children and the other guests’ adult children are all following our adventures on social media and virtually following us around the globe. I hope our experience inspires them to do the same thing when they’re our age,” Jo said.

The first half of the cruise has seen the couple travel west across the globe, visiting a range of countries in Asia, the Middle East, Europe and North America, including Sri Lanka, Italy, Russia, Ireland, Canada and the US, and transiting the Panama Canal, with Jo capturing the action on a short video of her voyage.

The final leg of Sea Princess’ cruise will see them visiting Chile, French Polynesia and New Zealand before the ship returns to Sydney on August 28, after visiting 39 destinations in 27 countries over 104 nights.

Now a self-confessed cruise convert, Jo has shared some of her top reasons to take a world cruise including:

Sheer Ease:  There are no planes to catch and you only have to unpack once. You’re waited on hand and foot. No housework, no cooking to do. In port, the ship takes care of most visas, and you don’t have to go through passport control when getting on and off the ship.

Shipboard life: Each day there are a range of organised activities on offer and events to watch. There’s something of interest for everyone from enrichment lectures to fashion shows.

Fabulous Amenities

The amenities onboard are luxurious and comprehensive, from the well-equipped gym and the adults-only Sanctuary, pools and spa, to the theatres, restaurants, bars and library.

Great Tours

Ship tour programs offer well-organised shore excursions to incredible locations – plus they fast track you to the front of queues in popular spots like the Vatican.

Fresh food: There are so many dining experiences on offer, from a formal dining room to a cordon bleu steakhouse and also an extensive buffet, pizzeria, bakery and even a poolside barbecue.

The People

You’ll find that there are many new friends to make on a world cruise. You just don’t know who you’re going to meet.

Princess is the only cruise line offering world cruises from Australia, with three voyages available in 2017.

Source = Sea Princess
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