Flight Review Tigerair TR2112 Singapore-Bangkok: A Revelation


Flight Review Tigerair TR2112 Singapore-Bangkok: A Revelation

Flight Review Tigerair TR2112 Singapore-Bangkok: A Revelation

Date: 5 August 2016

Carrier: Tigerair

Flight Number: TR2112 dep SIN @ 15:30

Duration: 2:25

Class: Economy

Aircraft: Airbus A320

Check-in experience: 

Not having checked in online, I was fearing a scrum at the airport just to get a boarding pass. Contrary to expectations, the first shock for this first-time Tigerair traveller was the lack of a queue at the check-in counter. Less surprising but no less welcome were the total professionalism of the staff and the ease of the entire check-in process.

On-time performance: 

The flight departed Singapore on time and arrive in Bangkok on time.

Seat/Cabin conditions: 

The 3-3 configuration in the all-Economy interior was immaculate, and the seat pitch was the second shock; my knees never touched the seat in front of me. Importantly and noticeably, the windows were clean, too. Most airlines’ cleaning staff neglect to remove the head-oil smudges of previous passengers from the windows, so it is nice to see that no detail is overlooked on Tigerair.

Food and Beverage: 

In the familiar low-cost carrier model, you get what you pay for. An array of drinks and snacks is available for purchase.


On this short flight, no video or audio entertainment existed. The time passed quickly, though, with the entertaining conversation of a young business executive sitting one seat over (another surprise was the empty middle seat between us; I thought passengers were packed like sardines on these short, intra-Asian flights) who, like me, was flying Tigerair for the first time.


The flight arrived at Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport on time. There was no queue at Immigration and bags were delivered in a timely manner, so the time from airplane seat to the back seat of the limousine for the ride to Bangkok’s most fantabulous hotel, The Siam, took only a matter of minutes.


For someone who usually flies longhaul Business Class, the idea of a short flight on a low-cost carrier was a bit intimidating, but there were no crowds at check-in counters, no difficulty in the check-in process, fast boarding for a flight that departed on time and arrived on time, and comfortable transport in the air. In short, Tigerair provided everything an airline should to make a great flight. Fast, easy, stressless, enjoyable.

Source = Mr eTraveller - Robert La Bua

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