New campaign ignites a passion for camping

CCIA-Logo  Caravan & Camping Industry Association NSWAn emotive new ad campaign released by the Caravan & Camping Industry Association (CCIA) NSW this week, inspires people to embrace adventure, slow down and experience the great outdoors.

“A fantastic holiday where you can escape the day to day, get back to nature and spend quality time with your family and friends is one of the most wonderful experiences you can have,” CCIA NSW CEO, Lyndel Gray said today.

“This is exactly what the caravan and camping industry can deliver, and why the popularity of this style of holiday is growing so fast.

“We are very proud of this new campaign. It reminds us of the simple things in life and how gathering around a camp – whether in a tent, campervan or a caravan – can bring us together.

“The ad asks a simple question, ‘when was the last time’… and draws on the memories we have of holidays experienced at nature’s doorstep where everyone pitches in to create their home for the night.

“These are ideas that resonate strongly with families and young couples who will be enlivened by the romance and nostalgia of the ultimate road trip and a caravan or camping holiday.

Ms Gray said the campaign drew together two symbiotic themes which provide an antidote to today’s busy lifestyles, outdoor adventure and camping under the stars.

“Increasingly we have evidence of the enormous benefits people gain from spending time outdoors, being active and connecting with nature, and these benefits include feeling happier, more positive and healthier,” she said.

“Research both here, and in the UK, shows children particularly benefit from getting outdoors and enjoying what camping has to offer. A recent study undertaken by Plymouth University found camping had a positive effect on children’s education and helped to build happier, healthier kids.

“This campaign recognises the value of the great outdoors and all of the positive feelings and fun it engenders, encouraging people to get out and explore the beautiful sites available in holiday parks throughout NSW.”

The CCIA has also launched a new consumer website to coincide with the ad campaign, where you can discover over 400 holiday parks across NSW offering amazing natural locations with a range of facilities from basic tent sites to luxury cabins and safari tents.

“And if you need caravan or camping supplies, service or support, the new website also details a range of businesses listed under our Products & Services directory, which can help you find exactly what you are looking for.”

The ads will appear on television and digital channels across NSW from August 3 – 20.

Source = Caravan & Camping Industry Association NSW
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