Arcadia Australia lands at Elizabeth Quay for an Australia first


Arcadia Australia lands at Elizabeth Quay for an Australia first

Fresh from the rolling fields of Glastonbury, creative pioneers, Arcadia Spectacular, are set to bring their award winning, fire breathing spider to Elizabeth Quay for an Australian Exclusive this November.

Arcadia’s Australian debut will engulf audiences with the extraordinary ‘Landing Show’ alongside a unique local, national and international musical programme. Fusing ground breaking spectacle, breathtaking performance, creative engineering, sustainability, music, innovative technology and spellbinding sensory magic, Perth is set to ignite in an explosion of unity and celebration.

The Spider is at the heart of Perth’s three ticketed performances and is built from repurposed military and industrial hardware including jet engines, afterburner units, customs scanning units, cranes and helicopter fuselages. Weighing in at 50 tonnes and firing 15+ metre fireballs, the Spider is animated by state of the art lighting, hydraulics, pyrotechnics and lasers. In addition to The Spider, live performers – The Lords of Lightening – will harness Tesla electricity into a dynamic art form.

Artists perform in the belly of the beast, allowing audiences to stand under and around the 360-degree structure. Arcadia break down the barriers between performers and audiences to forge a united and all embracing experience.
‘The Landing Show’ tells the story of an alien spider landing on earth, his interaction with humanity and his attempts to understand the contradictions within society. The 30-minute show sees audience abductions, interactive aerial performances and mechanical mayhem culminate into a fiery climax.

At the heart of the Perth event is the union between the Arcadia spider and the sacred Wadjuk spider of Garrgatup [Kings Park]. The Yallor Keeninyarra is a dance to Garrgatup [Kings Park] dreaming of the spider, traditionally performed at Gumap – the area near Elizabeth Quay.

The gathering of men to dance the Yallorr Keeninyarra [Dance of the Wadjuk Nyungar/People] hasn’t been performed in its traditional form to the public of Western Australia since 1901. The dance asks the Spider Spirit of Garrgatup to weave a web that creates strength and togetherness throughout the Nations. The spider dance would commence after a full moon and on invitation by a traditional message stick handed out by designated Nyungar runners.

Whilst visiting the Arcadia team at The Glastonbury Festival, Barry McGuire Noongar representative performed a traditional message stick ceremony inviting the team to safely travel to the Wadjuk Nation to dance together. This traditional ceremony marked the first of many new beginnings and cultural exchanges.

Arcadia Spectaculars Founders, Pip Rush and Bert Cole, said, “We’re so excited to come to Perth for our first Australian show and deeply honoured to be invited by Barry and the Nyungar people. Through meeting him and learning about the Yallor Keeninyarra, we’ve realised just how much we have in common and what powerful symbols the two spiders can be for our cultures coming together. We’re all going to have a LOT of fun together – loving the
Perth spirit.”

Source = Tourism Western Australia
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