Martin Place comes to life with the Spirit of Aloha

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Sydney commuters were treated to a little bit of Hawaiian aloha spirit yesterday morning with fresh flower lei, flown in overnight from Honolulu to celebrate “Lei Day”.

The 1st of May is “Lei Day” in the Hawaiian Islands, so to mark the occasion, fresh flower lei were handmade in Hawaii and gifted to Sydneysiders by 28 visiting tourism operators from the islands. Baby low res

Passers-by in Martin Place were entertained by dancers from Germaine’s Lū‘au on O‘ahu, who performed hula and music throughout the morning.

Kerri Anderson, Country Manager Australia for Hawaii Tourism Oceania said: “Lei day is a great opportunity to bring a little bit of aloha to Sydney and a feel-good start to the working week.

“Lei Day which was established in 1929, honours the aloha spirit of love and sharing as well as the Hawaiian tradition of friendliness and hospitality that any Australian who has visited the Hawaiian Islands would already be already familiar with.”

A lei is a garland or necklace of fresh flowers, seeds, shells or nuts, created as a gift and given in Hawai‘i as a token of love, congratulations, welcome or farewell. It is a tangible representation of aloha and a symbol of that special warmth that is felt throughout the Hawaiian Islands.

Ms Anderson said Hawai’í residents celebrated Lei Day across the islands with lei making, hula and music. In recent years Lei Day has also become a part of the ‘Mele Mei’ festival, which runs for the month of May and offers visitors even more opportunity to take in a Hawaiian Music concert or cultural event over an extended period of time.

Hawai‘i Tourism Oceania has made a short video to say “Mahalo” to Sydney for letting us share aloha with them this morning:


Source = Hawaii Tourism Oceania
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