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Need some words to on Bangkok?  Then visit roomsXML’s very own travel blog – YoGoYo. Here’s an excerpt for you…

If you have only 8 hours of day time in Bangkok, I would suggest a Chao Phraya river cruise with a visit to the Grand Palace and Wat Pho. The time will give you more than a glimpse. Of course 8 hours of night time could well be something else all together. Will try and cover that when I get the opportunity to go up close to shoot pictures! Prakash continues with a dodgy driver tale…

“I was surprised when the driver informed me that the Grand Palace would open late because of the weekend. He suggested that I spend some time at the Golden Buddha, visit an artifact factory and then proceed to the Palace. Smelling something fishy, I excused myself and got off. My suspicion was right. The Grand Palace is open on all days of the week from 8 AM to 4 PM. Later in the day, a Tuk Tuk (a 3-wheeler rickshaw) driver attempted the same trick on me when I asked to be dropped to Wat Poh. This driver had the same ideas as the one in the morning had! It’s obvious that the drivers were looking to earn some extra from the detour as well as the commissions from the artifact stores.

“When on business, I never experienced this before. Looks like when foreigners ask for tourist destinations, the pitch changes. Be careful. And insist the driver to flag the meter down. Taxis aren’t expensive. Minimum charge is Thai Baht 35. At the time of writing USD 1 fetched THB 34. Tuk Tuks don’t run on meter. Use them if you have good negotiation skills. Of course, Tuk Tuk wins.

Chao Phraya is a mighty river. It meets with the sea about 50 kms away. Numerous canals make for an awesome network of water transportation system. No wonder, the city is lovingly called Venice of the East – albeit not as clean but indeed inexpensive. To the residents along the banks, waterways are the only source to move around. Even the postman delivers the mail by boat. And does so regularly.

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roomsXML – 3,700 Thai Hotels – 800 in Bangkok





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