Industry farewells SA tourism leader


Australian Tourism Export Council Managing Director, Peter Shelley has thanked retiring South Australian Branch Chair, Paul Brown, who is stepping down after more than eight years of service to the organisation.


Paul Brown

“Paul is a highly regarded local export tourism operator and a passionate member of both ATEC’s local branch and the National Board,” Mr Shelley said.

“He has been instrumental in supporting the growth of the South Australian tourism industry and helping it to engage with the opportunities offered by our growing export tourism sector.

“As the owner/operator of Kangaroo Island Wilderness Tours and Seascape Lodge, Paul has been a leading light in building the quality of SA’s tourism offering and promoting the state internationally.

“Paul’s leadership also ensured tourism was recognised as an economic priority as an industry representative in the State Government’s 2014 Tourism Summit and in his successful advocacy for the retention of the SATC Board.”

The Branch Chair position will be taken up by Dave Atherton of Great Southern Rail.

Mr Atherton acknowledged Paul’s enormous contribution saying it was an honour to follow in his footsteps.

“Paul’s passion and measured advocacy has been a great support for tourism growth in South Australia, work which has, at times, come before his personal and professional demands,” he said.

“The industry will forever be grateful for his time and contribution. We thank Paul for his unparalleled efforts and wish him well in the future.”

Source = Australian Tourism Export Council
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