APG has opened an office in Cuba to represent airlines


APG has opened an office in Cuba to represent airlines

APG, the global airline distribution network, has opened an office in Cuba to represent airlines in anticipation of an explosion in demand for air travel following the country’s launch of initiatives to develop international business and with tourism being one of the island’s top industries.

With a population of around 11 million, Cuba is the largest Caribbean island with 10 international airports served by Cubana as well as a growing number of international airlines. Six US airlines have now also applied for traffic rights subject to the final relaxing of embargoes.

The top destinations currently sold in Cuba include Canada, Mexico, the UK, Spain, Ecuador as well as several other European countries.

Situated in the commercially popular Miramar district, APG Cuba is fully registered as a GSA in Cuba and is able to provide airline representation services including reservations, ticketing and promotional activities with the country’s travel agents.

The opening of a BSP is also slated for this year. The office in Cuba follows the opening of an office in Tehran last year, again on the back of expected demand for airline representation services in Iran following the relaxation of sanctions.

Source = APG

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