Don’t miss your chance to be part of the TIME Program

 time-logo-250 Travel Industry Mentor Experience

The Travel Industry Mentor Experience (TIME) is calling for applications from interested industry professionals who wish to take advantage of a scholarship contribution to the cost of the Program.

The recipient of the scholarship will be part of Program 22 which commences 27 April 2016.

This scholarship was established by the (former) Travel Industry Careers Association (TICA.)

Their rationale being to leave an industry legacy that continues their organisational goal which was to foster and retain the valuable staff in travel and tourism today.

This Scholarship contributes AU$1,000 towards the cost of the Program and will facilitate a mentoring experience for those individuals seeking to advance their employment prospects and increase their networks in travel and tourism.

The TIME Program costs AU$,1900 (Plus GST) for six months dedicated mentoring.

Think about it, the luxury of dedicated time with your own expert totally focused on you and your needs.

If you are committed to equipping yourself for the challenges of today’s dynamic travel and tourism and hospitality industry, take the first step now and apply to join the Program.

Source = Travel Industry Mentor Experience Limited

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