Helloworld questions Flight Centre’s latest product move


Helloworld questions Flight Centre’s latest product move

Helloworld CEO, Andrew Burnes, today questioned Flight Centre’s decision to open up its content range to other retailers labelling the move as disingenuous.

“Frankly I can’t understand why Flight Centre would suddenly open up its content range in a purportedly magnanimous gesture to “other retailers” in Australia when they have done everything they possibly can to close out anyone else’s content range from being sold through their own retail distribution,” said Mr Burnes.

“Not only has Flight Centre deliberately excluded several Helloworld wholesale businesses from being sold in their retail shops over the last few years, including Qantas Holidays and Sunlover Holidays, they actually financially penalise their consultants for selling these products.

“It’s no secret that Flight Centre are fiercely competitive in the retail, wholesale and corporate travel arenas and I don’t believe other agents are going to be fooled into feeding the hand that bites them.

“There isn’t a high street or shopping mall retail agent or consultant that isn’t in a battle with its nearest Flight Centre outlet and to imagine that those outlets and those consultants are going to start actually booking Flight Centre product is a tremendously courageous assumption,” said Mr Burnes.

Source = Helloworld
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