Excite appoint Head of Global Product Contracting


Excite appoint Head of Global Product Contracting

Travel agent only wholesaler, Excite Holidays, has today announced the appointment of Louise McAlpine as head of global product contracting.

Louise joins us from her previous role as head of contracting at The Travel Corporation. With global experience working in the travel and hospitality industry in Europe and the USA, Louise has enjoyed leading teams to success.

Louise will lead Excite Holidays’ global product team in securing direct hotel contracts as well as driving forward the company’s market-leading ideas and global expansion plans.

General manager global sales, Andrew Yell says, “We’re confident that Louise’s exceptional track record for achieving results will see her become an integral part of Excite Holidays and our future development.”

Commenting on her appointment, Mrs McAlpine said, “I love the travel industry. It’s fast paced, competitive and there are so many exciting growth opportunities. I’m really looking forward to working with my talented and dedicated product team.  I want to harness the amazing potential of our team to expand Excite Holidays’ global product range and translate this into increased revenue.”

Source = Excite Holidays

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