Intrepid Urban Adventures launch social enterprise tours

Kathmandu Seven Women tour

Intrepid Urban Adventures launch social enterprise tours

Global day tour brand Intrepid Urban Adventures has introduced a range of social enterprise tours, giving travellers the chance to come face-to-face with important local issues.

The tour operator is working with local NGOs and non-profit organisations around the globe to develop its ‘In Focus’ series of tours, with destinations including Nepal, India and Romania.

Designed for people who want something more from their travels, the range aims to offer an authentic insight into local issues and the efforts to resolve them. Rather than simply hearing about a social project from a third-party guide, travellers have the chance to see first-hand how a particular issue is being addressed. They will also be able to meet the people who are running, and benefiting from, the initiatives.

Tony Carne, General Manager of Urban Adventures, said: “Some of these social enterprise projects take place far from the usual tourist route. The benefits of tourism don’t reach these people — and that is part of the current problem but also the opportunity.

“For the traveller to be welcomed into these places is like being at the forefront of discovery again in a world with fewer and fewer places that are truly off the beaten track.”

Current tours in the In Focus collection include:

A Kolkata Solar Slum Tour, which takes travellers behind the scenes of Pollinate Energy, a social enterprise bringing solar light to India’s urban poor and reducing indoor air pollution caused by kerosene lamps and wood stoves.

Outcast Bucharest, which runs in partnership with the Parada Foundation, a Romanian NGO, and provides employment to homeless locals while enabling travellers to understand what life is like on city streets.

Sydney’s Tastes of Chinatown, presented in partnership with Taste Cultural Food Tours, which gives the travellers the opportunity to savour the neighbourhood’s colourful history through its delicious foods and real tales of migration as local business owners share their own personal stories.

A Kathmandu cooking class, presented in partnership with Seven Women, a social enterprise that empowers marginalised women in Nepal through literacy classes, skills training, and income generation programs.

The tours give visitors the chance to support local employment and entrepreneurship. Travellers have the option to remain in contact with the project after their visit and become a supporter, advocate or donor.

Source = Intrepid Urban Adventures
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