, everything your travel needs, everything your travel needs is the world’s first travel website that offers travellers a full range of travelling-related services and also the first marketplace platform for the travel business industry. Travellers will be able to plan and book their flights, hotels, tours, local transportation, travel guide and things to do directly in one website – Our vision is to be the world’s leading travel website, so that travelling can be more affordable, accessible, and enjoyable to travellers around the world.

Started off since 2015, currently has over 200 Travel Service Providers as their business partners, offering 1,000 different kinds of products and services, and constantly growing. Right now, we are offering special holiday activities in Malaysia, but in the future, we will add in more fun and informative features, and also to expand our travel platform concept into Asian countries, and later on, worldwide recognition.

In addition to a wide selection of tour packages, hotel accommodations and flight bookings for the travellers, the wanderlust will be able to share all kinds of travel guides and the destination information, so that travellers can save time while gather some fast facts and general information. The main selling point in is that we offer comprehensive and best price guarantee travelling products, effective solution and smart traveller experiences. tends to shape travel trends globally and create a brand new travel ecosystem, make travelling simple, easy and affordable for everyone. Furthermore, our customer service & IT support will assist you when you have any questions or inquiries.

Why was created was created to solve seamless traveller’s problem. Travellers will always have an issue when it comes to travel booking. Travellers spend an average 3-4 weeks to pre-plan their holiday trip, and have to browse up to average 38 different websites just to compare the prices, or to make their hotel booking, gather information on local transport, tours, and destination guides, and so much more travelling issues. was created to help travellers to plan their holidays all under one roof. can be seen as the Google Traveller version, where we offer travel features such as pre-planning, in-destination, travel info, booking and travel intelligence features. As such, travellers will be able to save time, save money, hassle-free and become efficient, quality, and intelligent travellers while planning for your holiday. Travellers no longer need to visit so many websites, or download hundreds of travel apps as they travel. All they need to do is go onto and get all the travelling products and services they need.

The Founders 

Lawrence Koh and Joanne Tan are the founders of Both young, energetic and passionate entrepreneurs aim to uplift to become the world’s most intelligent travel website. With their rich experiences in travel business and economy, strategic business expansion, they are confident that their big dream will be realistic.

How did Lawrence come up with the name ‘Gatvel’? “Because I like to travel together with my family and friends, and connect to all the travellers in the world. ‘Gat’ was originally twisted from the words ‘toGETher’ and ‘vel’ is from the words ‘travel’,” explained Lawrence. “The uniqueness of Gatvel is that we are building the next generation of travel solutions, 1 step ahead among others. will evolve by itself along the way.”

Future Plan 

In the future, users can also share their reviews and travelling experiences on any products or services we have in our website, and also to blog about their travel experiences, as we allow all global travellers to stay connected using our social features. In terms of business expansion, we will add in more travelling features, ie. creating mobile app, user personal planner and the booking information, navigation, and so much more interesting and interactive features within the travel community. From the aspects of tourism business, creates the marketing platform for input intelligent solutions, boost the global tourism and the resilience of economies, and also allow the Travel Service Providers to have marketing and branding exposure on their travel-related products and services.

In such way, the travellers are empowered with travelling information such as the estimated price, places to go, things to do, other user’s experience, and other relevant information.

Message from Founders 

Lawrence Koh: “I started Gatvel because I found there are so many webs & apps solutions and none of them can provide me seamless and efficient travel experiences. Why do we need to download thousands of different apps when we have different travel destinations? I am creating a solution which is, not only to provide everything your travel needs, but also a travel community where travellers could connect and share their travel experiences. I want to help travellers to get affordable, real scoop and smart travel experience everywhere the travellers go. I also want to help travel operators to have this channel to explore their business into international markets.

If you find Gatvel is an ideal solution for you, I would deeply appreciate it if you can write a review, leave any message, or share any of your holiday experiences on a trip either positive or negative. Millions of travellers rely on the authentic opinion they find at and would love to hear what you have to say. If you have any new idea or comment want to share with Gatvel, please do not hesitate to write in to me anytime. Our team would like to hear from you!”

Joanne Tan: “Technology change human behaviour. In a business, if you don’t keep up with technology, it equals to “nothing”. When technology meets travel, this is how I create Gatvel, a hybrid intelligent travel solution that I am presenting to you. We know your problems and needs during your travel and we solve it for you one by one with multiple solutions, we know travel service providers’ problems and we solve it for them one by one with multiple solutions, not only that, but we will go way beyond that.

We also like sharing, not sharing personal daily activity only, but we want to share the technology and the world to you. If you think that we are amazing and we are able to help you in your travel journey, do come and join our community, you will be one of it to make Gatvel a success.” ###

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