Wellington welcomes delegates for helloworld Summit

Helloworld Owner Managers Summit 2015

Delegates were treated to a traditional Māori welcome at the TSB Bank Arena.

Windy Wellington is buzzing with the high spirits of around 600 delegates who are attending the annual helloworld Owner Managers Summit this weekend.

After a lively cocktail event last night, delegates today gathered at TSB Bank Arena in New Zealand’s capital for the first of two massive conference days.Helloworld Owner Managers Summit 2015

Television personality and MC for the weekend Larry Emdur took to the stage with a jovial welcome, setting the pace for the days ahead.

Following the recent news of the impending helloworld and AOT Group merge, helloworld chief executive officer designate Andrew Burnes emphasised his commitment to the company.

“I am not going anywhere,” Mr Burnes said.

“I’ve been privileged to be the CEO and managing director of the AOT Group for 28 years.

“Whilst it might be a bit ambitious to think I’ll be the CEO and managing director of helloworld for the next 28 years, I’m going to give it my best shot.”

Leadership was the consistent theme throughout the day, with helloworld head of branded network Julie Primmer discussing the company’s focus on building leaders.

“We definitely have a room full of leaders and that makes me really proud to stand here today,” Ms Primmer said.

Helloworld Owner Managers Summit 2015“Each of you are leaders in your community and in your industry, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t more we can do.

“Leadership truly is the responsibility of everyone that belongs to the group.”

Representing Qantas, one of helloworld’s major stakeholders, was executive manager Stephanie Tully who touched on the airline’s successful marketing strategies.

Leaving much of the audience teary-eyed, Ms Tully shared insights into Qantas’ much-loved ‘Feels Like Home’ advertisements.

Carnival Australia CEO Ann Sherry led the afternoon session, sharing her honest insights into leadership.

“Sometimes leadership feels exhausting, but in general I think leadership is about being passionate about what you do,” Ms Sherry said.Helloworld Owner Managers Summit 2015

“It’s about caring about the things that you do every single day…it’s about creating opportunities for great people in your organisations.

“Leadership is about leading great teams and teams are about having great leaders and great people in them,” she concluded.

The afternoon ended with an enthusiastic presentation by Terry Hawkins, motivating delegates before they head to the Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa tonight for dinner.

Source = ETB Travel News: Brittney Levinson
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