Rail Plus offers agents chance to become Eurostar Ambassadors

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Rail Plus offers agents chance to become Eurostar Ambassadors

The race officially begins today find Australia’s smartest Eurostar expert – and reward them with a $500 Coles Group & Myer gift card – with the launch of the first ever Rail Plus Eurostar Ambassador programme for travel agents.

Starting on November 9, consultants will have two weeks to visit https://eurostarambassador.learnupon.com and take a 30-question quiz testing their knowledge of everything from Eurostar’s network, cabin classes and travel times, along with Eurostar booking and ticketing procedures.

Every travel agent who achieves a pass rate of 60% or higher will receive a Eurostar Ambassador certificate, while the highest-scoring consultant will take home a $500 Coles Group & Myer gift card. Rail Plus is also offering prizes for the second- ($300 gift card) and third-placed ($150 gift card) participants.

Agents are only allowed one attempt at the questions (with each person’s score and time taken revealed upon completion), but before starting they can view as many times as they wish a helpful and informative Rail Plus e-learning module on Eurostar’s services.

Rail Plus CEO James Dunne says the Eurostar Ambassador programme is open to any travel agent who wants to enhance their understanding of one of the world’s most important rail journeys.

“Eurostar is the most popular train journey for Australian travellers and it is constantly evolving,” says Dunne. “New state-of-the-art e320 trains are, for instance, set to open up new routes and deliver an even better experience for passengers, with more space per seat and free WiFi throughout.

“It is vital that travel agents remain up-to-date in their knowledge, and the Eurostar Ambassador programme offers a fun way to sharpen the skills. It’s also a rewarding way to test yourself against your peers.”

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