Flight Review Scandinavian Airlines SK964 HKG-ARN SAS Plus Class

Scandinavian Airlines

Scandinavian Airlines

Flight Review Scandinavian Airlines SK964 HKG-ARN SAS Plus Class

Date:  Tuesday 27 October 2015

Carrier: Scandinavian Airlines (SAS)

Flight Number: SK964 dep HKG @ 09:10 Duration: 10:50

Class: SAS Plus (Premium Economy) Aircraft: Airbus A330

Check-in experience: 

SAS is among the industry leaders in offering check-in options, and thanks to online check-in the night before departure and an absence of checked baggage, I was able to arrive at the airport and proceed through Immigration and Security directly to the departure gate.

On-time performance: 

The aircraft pushed back from the gate about 10 minutes behind schedule due to congestion on the tarmac, which delayed departure a further 25 minutes. However, the flight arrived at Stockholm’s Arlanda International Airport only about 5 minutes after the scheduled arrival time.

Seat/Cabin conditions: 

The SAS Plus cabin and seat designs make a good first impression, and they keep giving a good impression throughout the flight. There are 15 rows in a 2-3-2 configuration; the personal space in the seats is ample for this class of service, and, true to the airline’s Scandinavian heritage, the seats are designed to be ergonomically correct, with comfort foremost in mind. All electronic controls are within easy reach. A footrest and ample recline make napping comfortable on this daytime flight.

Food And Beverage: 

Drinks and a hot lunch were served soon after departure, followed later in the flight with ice cream, chocolate mints, a sandwich service, and another hot meal service before arrival. Flight attendants also came around remarkably frequently with water, fruit baskets, and other snacks. No one got off this flight hungry.


Entertainment in the form of films, television shows, music, and games was delivered via a user-friendly touchscreen system on an individual flip-up screen often seen in Business Class cabins. One of the channels offered a variety of interesting mini-programs on various aspects of Scandinavian Airlines’ decisions regarding the cabin design. The inflight magazine is also available in digital format page by page, though a paper copy is also provided. A bonus is the free WiFi offered to travellers in the SAS Plus and Business Class cabins.


The flight arrived at Arlanda at a quiet time of day at the airport. making entry procedures easy and quick. One of the advantages of this flight is the early afternoon arrival time, giving travellers a good part of the afternoon and a full evening in Stockholm.


Scandinavian Airlines’ new nonstop linking Hong Kong and Stockholm is an exciting development for travellers from Australia to Sweden and Northern Europe, not only reducing travel time for travellers originating in Australia but also providing the chance to experience a bit of the local culture onboard before arrival. This route is also appealing in that it enables connections via Cathay Pacific to HKIA, one of the best airport hubs in the world. Arlanda Airport is another one; small and easy to navigate, passengers connecting to other SAS flights through ARN will find their transit free of stress. Travellers staying in Stockholm can make use of the Arlanda Express rapid train which takes all of 20 minutes from the airport to the centre of Stockholm, one of Europe’s most charming cities.




Source = Mr eTraveller - Robert La Bua

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