Qantas Flight Review: QF62 Tokyo to Brisbane


Carrier: Qantas

Aircraft: Airbus A330-300

Flight Number: QF62

Configuration: 2-4-2

Duration: Approximately nine hours

Class: Economy

Check-in Experience: Checking in at Narita International Airport was easy and seamless. Although there was a short wait to check in and drop my baggage, afterwards the immigration process was very quick as there were plenty of staff members available and I was through to the gates in no time.

On-time Performance: The flight departed and arrived as scheduled.

Seat/Cabin Conditions: The cabin featured a modern design with a comfortable amount of legroom. I particularly like the seat design onboard Qantas’ A330-300, as it has a small compartment above the tray table and another pocket at the bottom of the seat for extra storage.

Food & Beverage: Upon boarding the crew offered guests a refreshing cordial and a bottle of water, which was a nice start to the flight. Both dinner and breakfast were served during the flight along with beverage services in between. We were given three options for dinner and two for breakfast; both meals I chose were delicious.

Entertainment: The on-board entertainment was great, with a really broad variety of movies and television shows and a great selection of music. After a few episodes of a comedy series, I dimmed my screen and listened to some music to fall asleep.

Crew: The crew were fun and happily chatted to the passengers throughout the flight, which created a nice atmosphere. As usual with Qantas, the crew were friendly and helpful throughout the trip.

Overview: Overall, the flight was enjoyable and comfortable. The fun and friendly crew made for a good atmosphere, plus the entertainment and meal service were both great. I recommend this night-time flight for those who have trouble sleeping on flights. Once you’re up in the air with a full belly and the lights are dimmed, it’s hard to fight the urge to doze off.

Source = ETB Travel News: Brittney Levinson
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