Don’t get caught short at travel insurance claim time

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Don’t get caught short at travel insurance claim time

As Australians begin planning their overseas jaunts for the Christmas break now’s the time to carefully consider your travel insurance and avoid headaches come claim time.

According to Kirsty Lamont from travel insurance comparison site,, many travellers have their claims rejected back home because they didn’t follow some of the golden rules.

“Basic travel insurance is not an all-inclusive product, it’s designed to cover the most common travel issues but in many cases won’t cover the more obscure or ‘unlucky’ scenarios.”

“This is why it’s vital to read the PDS. So many travellers get caught out by not reading the inclusions in their policy and not understanding what’s required to then make a claim.”

For example, some insurers require you to obtain an official report of an incident within 24 hours and this is important to know before you depart.

“A helpful tip if you need to claim lost luggage is to photograph any valuable items you’re packing as proof of ownership,” said Lamont.

When it comes to making a claim, there are some important things to remember which can speed up the process and help your insurer fulfil the claim.

According to Fast Cover, several claims are slowed down purely due to a lack of information.

“We receive a lot of partially completed claims or people who haven’t obtained the relevant proof of what’s happened. This could be a police report, medical records or receipts for costs incurred. These are all vital in proving a traveller has a legitimate claim,” says Managing Director of Fast Cover, Dean Van Es.

“There are also things you can do at various points in your travels, for example as soon as something happens abroad that you might claim on, call your insurer and explain your scenario, they could give you vital advice at this point,” says Van Es.

Travellers should also claim as soon as they can when they return, a late claim means you have more time to lose your documents and forget details about your trip.

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