Travel Counsellors ask Australian agents, Is it time to cut the commute?


Travel Counsellors cut the commute

Travel Counsellors cut the commute

Travel Counsellors ask Australian agents, Is it time to cut the commute?

Travel Counsellors is encouraging retail travel agents to use a handy online tool to find out how much their daily work commute is impacting their lives. Suitable to use whether you drive to work or use public transport, the easy-to-use online tool calculates the amount of time and money you currently spend commuting and converts this time into an annual sum. With an ability to see how far you travel each year, and how much money you spend annually on your commute, this tool highlights the surprising amount of time and money we spend commuting.

Agents can access the tool to discover how many days they spend in traffic or squashed into a bus, here: Click Here

Is it time to cut the commute?

A reduction in commuting has been linked to a range of tangible environmental, personal, financial and social benefits, and remains one of the significant reasons agents choose to join Travel Counsellors, where they are able to work in the industry they love but avoid commuting by working from the comfort of their own home.

“Before I joined Travel Counsellors, I used to spend about an hour a day travelling to and from work on public transport. Now that I work from home I have an extra hour to spend with my kids before school, which to me is priceless. Not only am I saving time, I’m also saving money as I don’t have to pay train fares, which get more expensive each year. I also don’t miss the stress that comes with being crammed into overcrowded trains or waiting around for late trains on hot, train station platforms,” comments Hayley Voll, The Gap-based Travel Counsellor.

Another Travel Counsellors agent who has discovered the joy of working from home, is Tammie Marriott of Sunbury commenting, “I used to drive to work for years and now really love the freedom that comes with working from home now that I’m a Travel Counsellor. I no longer have to contend with wasting time sitting in traffic jams, so now I have time to invest in my personal goals. I also save quite a bit of money by not paying for petrol, tolls and parking.”

Travel Counsellors Managing Director, David Hughes comments, “Eliminating the daily commute is one of the key reasons many agents join the Travel Counsellors network. By working from home, our agents have reclaimed a significant amount of time in their daily lives, allowing them to spend more time with their family, pursue hobbies or invest extra hours into making their business more profitable. We developed this online tool to show the cumulative effect that commuting has on our daily lives. It clearly demonstrates the amount of money and time you save by cutting commuting from your life – just one of the tangible benefits that come with working from home.”


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