Cover your holiday from the day you book


InsureandGo estimates one in five Australian travellers wait until the day before or the day they travel to purchase their travel insurance online, leaving them uncovered if they need to cancel their trip unexpectedly.

As Early Bird travel bookings season hits, InsureandGo is urging Aussies that are keen to pick up a travel bargain to also consider purchasing their travel insurance as early as possible.

By booking in travel insurance as soon as they book their flights or accommodation, InsureandGo states that Australians can avoid being put out of pocket if they need to cancel a trip unexpectedly.

Cancellation cover is part of most policies and will allow travellers to claim back prepaid costs in relation to cancelled, non-refundable flights, accommodation, tours, activities, travel agency fees and other related travel bookings.

Mr Jonathan Etkind, Commercial Manager of InsureandGo said, “There’s nothing worse than having to cancel a holiday – let alone when you still have to pay for the cancelled trip. The best piece of advice that I give to travellers is to consider purchasing travel insurance as soon as you book your holiday so that you’re covered for the unexpected – whether that’s a family emergency or if you lose your job. Cancellation cover is there for our customers that need it when unforeseen circumstances arise”

“We want Australians to get the best value for money for their travel in 2016, and in the event they need to cancel their trip we don’t want them to lose money by not being insured on their Early Bird airfares or travel bookings. This year our message is simple – as soon as you book your trip, get travel insurance,” concluded Mr Etkind.

In addition to purchasing travel insurance, Mr Etkind says it’s important for travellers to read the product disclosure statement for their travel insurance policy to ensure they know what they are covered for in the event of a trip cancellation.

Source = InsureandGo
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