Choice Hotels Asia-Pac supports National Customer Service Week

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Choice Hotels Asia-Pac supports National Customer Service Week

Choice Hotels Asia-Pac will send its corporate team to spend a day in a hotel operator’s shoes as part of its third annual Head Office to Front Office campaign, in an ongoing focus on enhancing customer service and experience.

Coinciding with the Customer Service Institute of Australia’s National Customer Service Week from 5-9 October, the concept aims to grow the team’s understanding and appreciation of the day-to-day activities and challenges facing a hotel today.

Choice Hotels Asia-Pac’s CEO Trent Fraser said the initiative has been extremely successful in developing a greater understanding of the operation of their properties.

“We are excited to continue our ‘Head Office to Front Office’ initiative for the third year running. Overwhelmingly embraced by all staff members, it’s a fantastic opportunity for us to learn from our franchisees and them to learn from our team, as we strive to improve our customer service across the entire business.”

The campaign will see more than 35 corporate staff visit over 30 hotels across the country to undertake an eight hour shift, working in operational areas such as housekeeping, food and beverage, front office and maintenance. Choice Hotels CEO, Trent Fraser will be heading to the Comfort Inn Prince of Wales in Wagga Wagga NSW.

“I’m looking forward to spending time at the Comfort Inn Prince of Wales and becoming fully immersed in the day-to-day operation of the property. Getting back into hotels at this level helps us support our franchisees, learn from them and gain invaluable on-the-job insights that will allow us to better support our customers and franchisees in the future.” said Fraser.

Recognised for the Head Office to Front Office innovation, Choice Hotels Asia-Pac has been shortlisted for the Franchise Council of Australia’s Excellence in Franchising Awards this year in the category of Franchise Innovation.

Source = Choice Hotels Asia Pacific
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