SITA OnAir demos the full potential of the e-Aircraft at APEX Expo


SITA OnAir demos the full potential of the e-Aircraft at APEX Expo

At this week’s APEX EXPO in Portland, SITA OnAir is demonstrating how it is helping airlines realize the full potential of the connected aircraft.

“With everything in our lives becoming digitized, there are a million and one opportunities to improve the passenger experience,” said Ian Dawkins, CEO of SITA OnAir. “We can use real-time decision-making, predictive analytics, create new programs, applications and content. We can make far better use of air space, improve turnaround times and remove passenger pain points, making the whole experience smoother.”

The e-Aircraft presents significant opportunities for airlines to streamline operations and improve efficiencies. It also presents the major challenge of what to do when confronted by terabytes of data produced during each flight. Some of it will be stored for downloading on the ground. But increasingly, the demand is for real-time interaction, for the aircraft to be connected nose-to-tail throughout the flight for both passengers and the airline.

“We need to be able to transmit data from the ground to the aircraft, and vice versa, rapidly and efficiently, making high throughput satellite networks are an essential piece of the jigsaw. Inmarsat’s GX Aviation, with its consistent global coverage, will provide exactly the connectivity we need for the connected aircraft,” continued Dawkins. “The key question, once airlines have access to the Big Data, is how to use it.

“One of the key areas of our focus is enabling the development of apps, both for passengers and airlines. Combined with the introduction of standards and solutions offered by SITA OnAir, the use of APIs to create apps is an area of enormous potential for thousands of innovators, start-ups and small technology companies worldwide – particularly by linking into the IT ecosystem of passengers, crew and pilots. From consumer-style shopping apps for passengers to service enhancement apps for cabin staff, the only limit is the extent of developers’ imagination.”

Source = SITA On Air
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