Luxury hotels must distinguish their brand


  Luxury property, Windsor Hotel Melbourne.  

Luxury hotels must continue to define the guest experience, in order to survive budgetary constraints and traveller’s expectations, according to Windsor Hotel Melbourne boss David Perry.

Despite the trend in the United States to eliminate room service at four and five star hotels, including the Hilton Midtown New York, the demand for full-service accommodation will persist.

“For many travellers, on business and leisure, it is the experience of the hotel stay itself that is important,” Windsor Hotel Melbourne chief executive David Perry said.

“They expect, and are happy to pay for, quality room amenities and extras, whether that’s being able to order room service at midnight or enjoy the services of a private butler and the experience and local knowledge of a great concierge.”

Matching customer expectations with the price of accommodation is a difficult task, particularly for mid-range properties that struggle with increasing costs and the need to reduce overheads.

“For many, that has to mean upgrading and not downgrading the offer. A four or five star hotel cannot offer budget hotel service and should not.”

The Windsor Melbourne has no plans to sever exclusive services, such as its private butler service.

“For the guest who is prepared to pay, the best of everything – services, food, in-room amenities, valet parking, technology – has to be available, otherwise the premium product can’t compete,” Mr Perry said.

“Our focus now is on what else we can add, rather than take away, and other five star hotels will have to do the same.”

Source = ETB News: P.T.
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