What have we learned from Ashley Madison?


What have we learned from Ashley Madison?

Lesson 1 – Sydney siders shag about more

Sydney siders are, if nothing else, trying harder to get some action on the side. 250,000 Sydney-siders vs 220,000 Melbournites had accounts. Populations are about the same.

So, statistically speaking, 10% more folk from NSW trying to do the dirty. It’s a FACT. Travel agents…how about you…

Lesson 2 – Don’t do silly things 

I’m not going the whole blame the victim thing here and yes, some will try and stretch this argument to suit other causes. But people signing on are after affairs and lets assume at least some of them are adults, not sexting teens.

So you probably had to load up a pic, a profile, some info of yourself and assuming you fancy a shag, a location. If you did use your correct name, your email, you just combined a double idiocy.

Creating a digital fingerprint which contains your email, address and credit card is dumb. Why?

Lesson 3 – Online isn’t safe

In 2001 a mate of mine tried telling me using the internet for restricted data was not a safe thing to do. I laughed. We were working near each other. After half an hour or so, he said type “blackbird” on my computer. I said what? He said just type it.

It popped up a window on my laptop and showed the last 1,000 key strokes I had typed. He then turned around his laptop and showed the same information on his screen. The last 1000 letters i had typed into a report.

“I installed it earlier on your PC because I knew you wouldn’t agree it was unsafe to put information on the internet. The only difference between this time and other times it has happened to you is I am nice enough to tell you it just happened”.

Truth is, if hackers want it, they will get it. True, most of us don’t rate a mention on bulletin boards, with the Geek gods and so on. But if you have raised your head and pissed someone off and they have the know how, its harder, yet easier for some, than ever, to breach your data. Ask Julian.

 An excellent backup to lesson 3 is lesson 2, consider your actions.  we’ve all done dumb things.

Lesson 4 – Know where your data is going and what they are doing with it 

Google changing privacy policies, Facebook with more apps, big data getting bigger than ever, companies offering to hoover your data from your back end system and give a little bit of it back to you…gee, I’ve worn this tinfoil hat a bit recently but…you have to know.

If you email it, upload it, share it, like it, back it up, download and install it for free…your rights have probably changed. The information may no longer be yours.

Most certainly, what is done with it may not be visible to you.

Know yourself, know your data, know your rights.

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