Fiji Tourism Numbers on a Record High

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Fiji Tourism Numbers on a Record High

Visitor numbers to Fiji continue to soar to new heights as a result of strategies developed and intensively implemented by Tourism Fiji in its key source markets to increase and diversify Fiji’s tourist base.

As evident from the latest provisional figures released by the Fiji Bureau of Statistics (FBoS) which show that visitor arrivals for July 2015 have reached a new monthly record of 79,494 – surpassing the previous high of July 2011 by 10.3 percent.

The July 2015 arrivals figure is 8,678 or 12.3 percent higher than that of July 2014.

As a result, the total visitor arrivals for the first seven months of 2015 sits at 415,011, an increase of 35,584 or 9.4 percent compared to the same period in 2014.

According to FBoS figures, New Zealand has seen a prevalent increase with 16 percent more arrivals compared to the same month last year. Australia has had a 6.8 percent increase. Australia and New Zealand make up almost 65 percent of total visitor arrivals.

The increases are followed by the Pacific Islands of 1,710 (54.5 percent), the United States of 880 (13.2 percent), China of 754 (27.3 percent), Other Countries of 156 (43.8 percent), Canada of 108 (8.5 percent), South Korea of 49 (10.4 percent), and Japan of 32 (6.1 percent).

Tourism Fiji Executive Chairman, Mr Truman Bradley says the growth in the provisional figures released by FBoS is in line with the visitor arrivals targets set by Tourism Fiji.

“The positive trend to our visitor arrivals is a reflection of the elbow-greasing done by our team across our key markets to ensure more and more people want to keep coming to our country, as well as the efforts of the Government to put in place strategies to boost the tourism industry and our economy.”

Mr Bradley explains that the opening of new flight routes to Fiji from Australia and New Zealand, visitor friendly immigration policies, the Tourist Tax Refund Scheme, putting in place innovative investment policies, and improvements to the infrastructure are just some of the strategies that helps us attract more people to Fiji.

“The current provisional figures for the first seven months indicate that we have achieved almost 58 per cent of our visitor arrivals target in a good way. The industry is expected to peak in the next three months and as a result we expect to achieve our target and give the much needed boost to the Fijian economy,” Mr Bradley says.

Meanwhile, Mr Bradley adds that the arrival of the first New Zealand B787 Dreamliner to Fiji in October is expected to further boost tourist numbers from New Zealand – which has the second highest visitors to the country.

“We have a total of 72,870 New Zealanders visit the country from January to July 2015 and we expect to see continuous inflation in those numbers. The arrival of the Dreamliner is one way for us to be able to do that and the Tourism Fiji team will be deploying campaigns to leverage the profile of what will be another historic moment for Fiji’s tourism industry.”

Source = Fiji Tourism
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One thought on “Fiji Tourism Numbers on a Record High

  1. thats' great for Fiji, but why don't Fiji Airways, put on more flights to Fiji from NZ & OZ, as we get the impression that flights between Fiji & LA are not doing so well, but it's the NZ & OZ/Fiji flight availability that determines the return fare to LA. Plenty of airlines in OZ & NZ, with spare capacity especially Sat pm & Sunday am. FJ already do red eyes MEL & BNE/NAN. FJ could easily organise additional flights to NAN Sat pm, returning Sun am. Eg. in peak Xmas school holidays DEC-JAN, FJ do 2 red eyes a week BNE/NAN @ 2240/0515+1 & NAN/BNE @ 0815/0915 Additional flights from "big brother" QF or "cousin" JQ could operate @ roughly 2359/0635+1 & turn around & go straight back to BNE @ 0800/0900. The NAN/BNE would connect with LAX/NAN. Similar timing could operate out of MEL. Out of SYD is tricky due to stupid curfew, but flights could still depart SYD at 2200 ish.

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