SWISS Flight 1337 Moscow to Geneva Business Class

SWISS A319 2

SWISS Flight 1337 Moscow to Geneva Business Class

Date:  03 August 2015

Carrier:  SWISS Flight Number: LX 1337 dep DME @ 17:10 Duration: 3:25

Class:  Business Class

Aircraft:  Airbus A319

Check-in experience: 

After a very pleasant private transfer from the stunning Ararat Park Hyatt to Domodedovo Airport thanks to the professional services of Welcome Taxi, the check-in was equally agreeable. Staff members at the SWISS counter were exceptionally friendly and helpful and made the check-in process easy.


As in almost all European airports at the height of summer, Domodedovo was busy, making the sanctuary of the SWISS lounge all the more enjoyable. As would be expected, the lounge facilities here are simple compared to the large lounges in its home airport in Zurich, but the atmosphere was quiet and the refreshments sufficient to make the pre-departure free of stress.

On-time performance: 

The flight departed Moscow about 10 minutes behind schedule due to the late arrival of the incoming aircraft but made up for lost time en route for an on-time arrival in Geneva.

Seat/Cabin conditions: 

The Business Class section on board was established with a mobile divider separating the forward section of the aircraft from the seats behind. The plane was configured with three seats on each side of the single aisle. Seats were upholstered in luxurious Recaro leather, the same brand of leather used in high-performance luxury cars.

enjoy some Swiss wine with the meal

Food and Beverage: 

The opportunity to enjoy Swiss wines, so hard to find outside Switzerland, is one of the nicest aspects of the F&B service on SWISS. A hot lunch and a full bar were available on the relatively short flight.


A flipdown screen at the front of the Business Class section keeps travellers apprised of flight information; reading material is distributed to Business Class travellers soon after boarding.


The flight arrived on time at a satellite position and passengers deplaned onto the tarmac for a short bus ride to the terminal building. Like its counterpart in Zurich, Geneva Airport is a comparatively small facility easy to manage for travellers arriving or transferring to other flights.

Moscow, the surprise package of Europe


The flight from Moscow to Geneva was equal in high standard to the flight from Zurich to Moscow taken several days earlier. SWISS is one of the few airlines to offer flights from two cities in its own country to two cities in Russia, those being Moscow and St Petersburg, each with nonstop flights to both Geneva and Zurich. The flight attendants on this flight were particularly friendly and their youthful enthusiasm brought a good energy to the flight experience.



Source = Mr eTraveller - Robert La Bua

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