Stupid Ignorance? Be a “Super Specialist”

Quotable quote 76 from “Your business is not dead. Yet” by Prakash Bang.

article 148 - be a super specialist


What you won’t know won’t hurt you, sometimes knowledge is dangerous…. Whatever it takes us to justify why we don’t know what we don’t know. It’s all part of being human, justifying our decisions, choices, plans of actions and ultimately, our existence.

But given that we live in the information age, there is no longer any excuse for ignorance. You spend your day attached to your phone, why not “use” it.

No longer can you afford not “to know”.

Here is the five things travel agents have to know if they have any plans to survive and prosper.

  1. What are the hot travel topics right now

A fantastic example is Trip Advisor have just released the top 15 global landmarks. Do you know what they are? What you have right there is 15 icebreakers, topics of discussion or opportunities to show off your travel knowledge.

You need to know this because trip advisor, Fairfax, and every other media outlet has probably reported on this within the past week and that’s what your pax are reading.

  1. What are the OTA’s up to

I’m still not sold that people compare prices between travel agents as much as they compare their travel agent to an online travel agency. So you need to know what Expedia,, Trivago and all of the others are up to and either be ready for the questions or the counterarguments.

Failure to do so means they are capitalising on their advantage.

  1. What are your competitors up to

So just to discredit point number two, you do need to know what’s going on in your local area. What is the helloworld across the road advertising? What are those escape travellers pushing out this week? How about that little independent cruise specialist – what do they have on offer?

It could be a threat or it could be an opportunity – what is their signage board at the front have to say? What do You have to say about that advert?

  1. Have some knowledge of the bigger picture

Sometimes its gossip, sometimes its bullshit, sometimes it’s a very valid travel warning to wear the surf is breaking right now. Can I still fly with Malaysian airlines? Is it safe to go to Bali? One of my friends just posted some photographs of the pyramids – can I go there? What is happening with TCF and ATAS? How about that agency that went broke?

If you want to demonstrate wisdom, knowledge and experience, let your travel dialogue be more than just the cheapest flight.

  1. Know yourself

What are your strengths and weaknesses? Are you working, living and playing away that allows you to project the former whilst developing the latter? Are you working in the right job? Do you have the right boss? Are you harming your personal or professional development opportunities?

Do you really know yourself?

That’s one you don’t want to get wrong.

Ignorance is bliss? Only when I am building sandcastle’s on Boracay Island


Stupid Ignorance? Be a “Super Specialist”

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