Canada introduces electronic entry authorisation


Australian travellers will soon need to obtain an electronic Travel Authorisation (eTA) before flying to Canada in a new initiative introduced by Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

The new requirement will become compulsory from 15 March 2016, however, travellers heading to Canada can apply for an eTA from 1 August this year.

The eTA initiative requires citizens from foreign countries to provide basic personal information through an online process before they travel.

The personal information required is similar to what is currently collected when travellers arrive in Canada.

By completing the application prior to travelling, the process is more convenient and paperless and most applicants will receive eTA approval within minutes.

The new system also means faster service for travellers when they arrive in Canada.

The eTA costs CAD$7 per person and will remain valid for up to five years from its date of issue.

Source = ETB Travel News: Brittney Levinson
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2 thoughts on “Canada introduces electronic entry authorisation

  1. Although we do not have a full list of qualifying countries the new system does not only apply to Australians.
  2. Alison Gardner May 1, 2015 at 7:49 am - Reply
    In the first line of this article, the story refers to Australians having to get electronic entry. Is it only Australians or everybody?

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